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    Re: Too Engorged to Sleep

    My 8 week old started sleeping 5-6 hours at night and I too am suffering from engorgement. What I have done (seems to be helping) is to express my milk by hand by rubbing my breasts and applying a...
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    Re: Am I misreading cues?

    I would agree that you may have an overactive or "late" let down. I'd do a little bit of research on the topic. I'd also try to either keep the babies on the breast until they are full or try to...
  3. Re: Breast is the only things that soothes

    First, I want to say HANG IN THERE! One day this will all be a distant memory. I read the book "The Baby Whisperer" while I was pregnant and she addressed several families that went through this very...
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    Re: dark green frothy poo

    my son's poo goes from yellow and seedy to green and frothy, every few bm's. pediatrician said nothing to worry about. just "weird" lol
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    Re: Gas

    I would keep a food diary and post notes when you notice your child is gassy, etc.. to try and figure out if it's something you're eatting. We have to keep in mind that a baby's system is new and...
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    Re: quick question

    I feel mine like a rush towards my nipples. My breast feel fuller and will even get more firm. I even begin to leak. This is also a point (if you can not physically feel a "let down") where you baby...
  7. Re: Feeding on demand at night

    I was told to not wake my son at night. If a baby is hungry, they will let you know! lol My son goes 6 hours at night without eatting. He's 6 weeks and has been doing this off and on for 3 weeks now....
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    Re: Weird bump on nipple

    blood blister. freaked me out the first time i saw it. i whipped out my booby and showed my mom "MOM MOM. what the heck is this?" she just laughed. oh the joys of mommyhood and breastfeeding. :)
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    Re: Feeding 8-12 times a day?

    Had to include this EMsbaby. My username is mathematicianEM. How funny!
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    Re: Feeding 8-12 times a day?

    My son only feeds on one breast for 10-15 min. He's 6 weeks old and will skip a night feeding every other night or so. He's also gaining weight very quickly and having the correct number of wet/dirty...
  11. Re: Pumping @ the same time as nursing

    I also had the same issue bc I returned to work after only 4 weeks. I only nurse one side at a time so the baby gets the foremilk and hind milk. I would pump the other side by getting everything "set...
  12. Re: BFing with inverted nipples...Help!

    I have one nipple that is inverted and the other that is not. So naturally my son had an easier time with my right side vs my left (inverted). He would cry so hard that I would give in and just nurse...
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