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  1. Business Trip: Travelling without LO and BFing

    I wanted to share my experience with you all on traveling without LO and BFing. LLL has a few stories/posts on this topic and although they were definitely helpful, they were more of a summary than...
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    Re: ideal lactation room

    Yay for you!

    I'm very lucky to have a dedicated lactation room at the company I work for. The company surveyed moms who were already pumping in their office or in the bathroom (those unfortunate...
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    Re: How often do I have to pump?

    Sorry your coworkers aren't more supportive. I understand where you're coming from.

    I leave LO 3 - 5oz bottles when I'm away from 9am-6pm. He usually eats every 3 hours, but lately for one of...
  4. Re: Vitamins?? Do you Give Them to you lo??

    I give my LO Tri-Vi-Sol drops once a day. Since I am EBF, my pedi recommended I give them to LO. I'm in the New England area and LO was born in the winter so he had very little exposure to sun for...
  5. Re: Pumping - East to West Time Difference?

    Thanks for the info!

    I have a pretty good freezer stash going and although it hurts, I might end up just pumping and dumping. But of course I'll check with the hotel first and see if I can get a...
  6. Re: Pumping - East to West Time Difference?

    Unfortunately LO will be staying at home. I'll be away for 6 days. I'm also stressing about how and when to pump during my flight. It's funny really because I was assigned on this trip when I was...
  7. Pumping - East to West Time Difference?

    This may seem like a silly question but here goes..

    I will be traveling to the west coast in a couple of weeks and will need to pump while I'm away from LO. Has anyone felt the effects of the...
  8. Re: pumping directly into born free bottles


    The Born Free adaptor works well with the Medela flanges. There is this indentation for, I'm asssuming, your thumb to sit when you grip the adaptor while pumping. However, the position...
  9. Re: pumping directly into born free bottles

    I just received the adaptor from Born Free, almost 2 weeks after I ordered them. I screwed them into the Medela flanges and they seem to fit ok. Next step is to test them out and see if they work...
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    Re: Returning to work - sad

    Thanks for the kind words! I cried almost the whole way to work but pulled myself together before I walked through the doors. I kept busy for most of the day, pumped twice, and left 5 on the dot. ...
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    Re: Cleaning breast milk bottles

    DS is 3 months and I still sterilize the bottles by boiling for 3 mins. A lot of other moms just wash them in hot water and air dry or they use the dishwasher.
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    Re: Every 3 OR 4 hours?

    My DS is 3 months and he eats every 3 sometimes 4 hours during the day. He nurses before I go to work then takes three 4oz bottles of EBM during the day. He nurses again before going down for night...
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    Returning to work - sad

    I can't believe that 3 months have passed already. Tomorrow is my first full day at work and I'm not sure if I can do this. I've already cried 6 times today :cry. How do you moms do it? I feel so...
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    Re: Help! new mom (2 week old)

    I had trouble in the beginning on when to pump as well. It was really rough for the first 2 weeks now that I think about it. I was told at the hospital to pump each time after nursing, in order to...
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    Re: Going back to work and pumping

    Thanks! The reason why I stuck with 11 and 4 is because DS usually nurses at those times, and all the info I've read about pumping says to pump as close to those times as possible.

    At my work I...
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    Going back to work and pumping

    I will be returning to work next week and I have started a trial run this week of pumping and bottle feeding. LO has no problems with the bottle, but I on the other hand, am not doing so well.:cry
  17. Re: pumping directly into born free bottles

    Just curious to see how well the Born Free adaptors work with the Medela PIS?
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    Re: mailing or flying with EBM

    Thanks for the tips. I have a business trip in July that I have to take. I will be away for 5 days and the hotel I'm staying at doesn't have a fridge in the room. I am hoping they have some should...
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    Re: Help with nipple pain

    Thanks for the info.

    It sounds like what I have but my nipple doesn't look like the photo they have. The white on my nipple is more around the duct. When I hand express, I can see milk coming...
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    Help with nipple pain

    I guess I could always call my OB, but I'm not sure if my symptoms warrant a visit.

    2 days ago my one side of my right breast was very hard. I had this before in my left breast and I was told by...
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    Re: mailing or flying with EBM

    Sorry to hijack the post, but where do you buy dry ice from?
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    Frozen BM

    The storage guidelines for BM in self-contained freezer unit of a refrigerator is 3-4 months. I was curious if anyone has used milk that was older than the suggested times?
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