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    Re: Night weaning one-year-old

    Thanks for the advice all. I would totally try the "wearing" but I don't see her going for it.....she's getting too old to want to be confined. That article was awesome! I am definitely going to...
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    Night weaning one-year-old

    Can anyone offer advice on the best way to night wean my 12-month-old? I'm not ready to wean her completely, but I am ready for a decent nights sleep. She still wakes up several times a night to...
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    Re: Night Weaning??

    The weaning process with my first daughter was gradual. But as for night weaning, it really did help to have my husband attend to her at night for a few nights in a row. Once she realized there was...
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    What to do with extra milk?

    So I'm not sure where exactly to post this....I have a 7 mos old who STILL will not take a bottle of breastmilk when I am away. I only work two days a week and when I am gone, she doesn't eat. ...
  5. Re: Stopping bottles in daycare at 1 year?

    Will still gets two bottles of EBM a day at DC because I still have a small freezer stash, probably enough for about another couple weeks, because he cut down to eight ounces from 12 when he was...
  6. Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    You did a great job to nurse and pump and make it to 10 months. I know when Will was 10 months he went from drinking three four oz. bottles in 8 hours to only drinking two. He was getting better at...
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    Re: enough milk after pump weaning

    Thanks ladies. He does eat yogurt and drink the drinkable kind. I will try that with the milk.
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    enough milk after pump weaning

    We have been pump weaned for about a week now. Will is right at 1 year old. I go from about 6:30 a to 3:30 p w/o nursing. How do I know he still gets enough milk? He won't drink cow's milk yet,...
  9. Re: New mom has some basic ?'s about pumping??

    Congratulations on making it 11 days so far! I started pumping when my Lo ws 3 days old because I was SO worried about having milk for when I went back to work and beginning that early did, I think,...
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    Re: Is it doable?

    You have to DECIDE and be DETERMINED that you want to nurse. I was in just your situation when I had my DD#1. She was born in March and I graduated in May. I finished my grad classes, took my exams,...
  11. Re: Wanting to BF 2nd child, failed with 1st

    Mama, all I can say is that I hate to hear that, that you may regret it later if you don't try now, that there are other ways your DH can bond with the baby other than feed them, and that if you do...
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    Re: Made it to the ONE year

    So wonderful that you perservered past difficulties! My DH had trouble undrestanding the extra pumping I had to do, also. So :clap for you! I have about three weeks to go until I'm there! :gvibes
  13. Re: Pumping Supply Once You Go Back To Work

    Will only ever took 4 oz. bottles. They drink very quickly from the bottle because it is easier to drink from the bottle than the breast. I think a 4 oz. bottle is plenty, twice a day. Will...
  14. Poll: Re: Do you pump a bottle's worth in a session?

    Will got 4 oz. bottles and I averaged 3 oz. I often had to pump 4 times a day to make 3 bottles a day.
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    Re: Pump weaning

    When Will was 11 months, 1 week, (this past Tuesday!) I cut down to pumping once a day (from previously three-four). I feel full, but not overly so. Haven't had any plugged ducts or anything like...
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    Re: Pumping & then feeding

    I always did that but thought it may have been a little OCD of me. :shrug
  17. Re: Finger Foods...what age, successfully?

    Will was only about 10 months when he started eating finger foods very well. Maybe I held him back because I DIDN'T do BLS. But now he eats all fruits and vegetables, cut very small and cooked soft...
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    Re: Short feedings & shooting pains

    I am by no means an expert but I would say, yes, try to get her to eat longer. The diapers are a good sign, but that just seems a little short to me. I would not "force", but try to gently persuade....
  19. Re: Working - and pumping - in a male-dominated environment

    Could you pump in the server room? My principal is the only male in my workplace and I have never spoke a word about pumping to him. I don't know for sure if he knows I do it. The only people I have...
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    Re: Breastfeeding Affirmations

    I don't know if its an affirmation, but when I was a new mom with DD#1, rife with self doubt, I would tell myself, "I will continue until someone tells me outright to stop." and "I will put her to...
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    Re: what do I do?

    I would pump as much as I could as insurance for later if you have a supply issue down the road, but that's just IMHO. I always pump about twice on the left as I do on the right. :shrug
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    Re: Going back to school and need help

    People do both all the time! I do both! You aren't even going to be going away full time. Start nursing her again! Right away! You only have to give a bottle for the time you will be away. That would...
  23. Re: Planning to pump and give bottle almost immediately

    What I did was get a really good pump -- a double electric or better yet rent a hospital grade pump, practice with it while you are home with the baby, and put some of the expressed milk in a bowl...
  24. Re: Planning to pump and give bottle almost immediately

    I did this when DD#1 was little. I also didn't introduce a bottle until she was 3-4 weeks old; I had DH or my dad feed her with a dropper. If the baby can be brought to you or you can go home to...
  25. Poll: Re: Poll: What age did you introduce solids?

    I started Will at 5.5 months because of sheer conveinance: he was that age during Spring Break, so I had a week off with him to get him started. He only ate solids 1 time a day for about a month and...
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