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    Re: Will my milk go away?

    Did you ever get the blockage out? I had one and stood in the hottest shower possible and massaged my breast until the blockage popped out. My, what a relief that was! I know how painful it was...
  2. Re: Breastfeeding and milk ss at 8-1/2 months

    My ds is almost 9 months old and weigh about 22 pounds. He is a healthy happy and well fed baby. I work full time and pump at work. When I started pumping at work I would pump between 16 - 20...
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    Re: screaming at feedings

    My ds did the same thing. It lasted a couple of weeks until I figured out that he could see futher - he was distracted. I took him to a dimmly lit room quiet room where he had nothing to look at...
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    Re: Need Support!!!

    I hear ya; my mother is convinced that she couldn't bf me & my brother. She has explained it to me and I think that she had a bad peditrican and poor latching w/o any support from friends/family. ...
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    Re: 12 lbs. 10 oz at birth

    Congrats on the healthy baby! My ds was 9 lbs 14 oz and at 6 months he was 21 pounds. I passed all of my glucose tests but there was always sugar in my urine. I went 10 days past my due date and...
  6. Re: 6.5 months and only having 18oz ebm per day?!? HELP!

    Is Lauren distracted? My ds has had problems in the last month or so (he's 6.5 months also) with being easily distracted. It has become normal for us to have to go to my bedroom for him to nurse; he...
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    Re: 6-months - does she eat too much?? help!

    I was wondering if my 6 month old was eating too many solids but he is eating a lot less than that. He was 9 lbs 14 oz at birth and on the 21st, three days after the 6 month mark, he weighed in at...
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    Re: it's all gone haywire!?!

    My ds is 19 weeks old and we have gone through several rounds of what you are describing; it will pass! You said that you don't have any frozen milk and that you cannot pump enough to have a supply? ...
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    Re: Weird problems!!

    I am having the exact same problem. I was trying to figure out if it was a tummy ache and if it was a tummy ache was it air or something I ate? I think I will try to quiet things down and take him...
  10. Temas: help!

    by Asialinn

    Re: help!

    I experienced the same thing. Thank goodness my dh has a lot of patience. When I couldn't stand it and needed a break for 10 minutes he was able to keep ds calm enough for me to breathe. Ds was 9...
  11. Re: pumping for the first time-- only 2oz first week

    Are you pumping to have a reserve, go back to work, or to increase your supply? I knew from the start that I would be back at work quickly so I started pumping immediately (ds is 6 weeks old, too)....
  12. Re: I never thought nursing a toddler would be so gratifying

    My son is only 5 weeks old and I never considered long term breastfeeding until recently. I thought it would be too hard to get to 6 months much less beyond that point but now I am enjoying it so...
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    Re: Going back to work

    I purchased a pump on the advice of a close friend before my four week old was born. Thank goodness I did!!! I was engorged and the pump relieved the pressure, at 2 in the morning. I have been...
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