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  1. Re: Pumping hurts - nipples turning white on ends

    Hi, you can find lots of good ideas for treating Raynaud's of the nipple on this website:
    It has lots of ideas for how to keep warm,...
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    Re: Help with weaning!!!!

    Hi, I hope this is going ok for you. This is such a difficult question to try and offer suggestions on, even for myself, I found that I used heaps of different techniques when weaning, there was DH...
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    Re: weaning b/c of problem with pregnancy?

    That's a tough situation, and a very personal decision to make. I understood that so long as you were ok to have sex, bf was ok, as sex (depending on how good!) involves more hormones and...
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    Re: DH is imposing a deadline

    Hi, that sounds pretty rough. I was wondering if maybe having some other breastfeeding women come and visit might help - make it all seem more normal???

    Good luck.
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    Re: Becoming embarrassing and annoying

    Hi, I think you've been doing a great job meeting your child's needs, and am pleased to hear you are starting to meet your's too :-) I think if you need to change your LO's feeding pattern, you need...
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    Re: My Dr said the "W" word! :(

    Hi, I think you've done a great job to get this far too, and apprechiate that this is a difficult decision for you to have made. I think Sophie.s makes a good point about needing to look after...
  7. Re: Weaned except for early morning feed - Help?

    Hi, I hope you're having some luck there. This morning we got up at 4 am :eye I'm hoping that he'll just get more tired and sleep longer eventually? At least we both had a 3 hr nap today - completely...
  8. Re: Weaned except for early morning feed - Help?

    Hi, I've done a similar post and got no replies :-(
    All I've heard of so far is to get DH to take them out for a pushchair ride, or a special breakfast or something. I really hope someone out there...
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    Weaning night and morning feeds

    Hi, my DS is 22 months old, and I'm 11 weeks pregnant and have decided to wean. DS feeds 4 times a day, first thing in the morning (from about 5-6 so I can keep him in bed/get him back to sleep),...
  10. Re: Was nightweaning a disaster for anyone else?

    Yay :-)))
  11. Re: Was nightweaning a disaster for anyone else?

    Hi, no you're not the only one...
    I'm pregnant too, so I apprechiate that this needs to be done for some mothers. I have been so tired I just couldn't manage feeding all night. When I tried to stop...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    When you tell your child you "have sore na-na's" and he offers to kiss them better :-)

    I'm 11 weeks pregnant, and never thought DS (22 months) would drop all those extra day feeds, but DS has been...
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    Re: Still not menstruating...

    I went to see a herbalist who gave me some chaste tree tablets, I'm sure I ovulated about a week later, and had my first period 2 weeks after that, so it worked for me. DS must have been about 16...
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    Re: Still Demand Feeding?

    Ahhh, I so hear where you are coming from. The breastfeeding adict. The idea of this continuing in the foreseable future is tough. However, it may not be like that. About the age of 1 my DS became...
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    Re: help! Milk blister for 3 months!!!!!

    I wonder about it being a standard milk blister as it isn't causing a blocked duct problem. You are very brave puncturing it :eye
    I was told I had a milk blister, but never believed it, and...
  16. Re: Help!4 mnth old eating every 2 hrs at night

    Hi, that sounds rough, I hope things get better soon. It may be that your baby has a sleep association, and needs to suck to get to sleep. Possible solutions may be to delatch once your baby has...
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    Re: Period + nursing: symptoms

    Hi, I get the sore nipples from the ovulation to period time, and apparently it is quite common. I have heard that it can change the taste of the milk which might be making the fussing.
    Even though...
  18. Re: does it get harder to wean the longer you go?

    Hi, I have a 20 month old son, who has turned into a total breastfeeding adict :rolleyes: and there is no way I would dream of weaning him right now as it would be way too hard on both of us. The...
  19. Re: Will My Breast Milk Help my SICK 3 year old?

    Good luck :-)
    I remember reading somewhere that most of the benefits of bm can be provided by 50 ml a day. But I guess any is good :-)
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    Re: Nursing to sleep a bad habit?

    I just found it made life easier. It would take 15 min to put DS to sleep, but would take longer if not bf. Many parents spend upto an hour into their nighttime routine, bath, change, books, cuddle...
  21. Re: Stopping bf in front of non-supportive people

    Thanks norasmommy, that's given me just the encouragement I think I need to try deffering DS. I have read mothering your nursing toddler, but it was when DS turned 1, ages ago, and I think I'm due a...
  22. Re: Stopping bf in front of non-supportive people

    Thanks Jaki, LOL, schedule, yes, most definately, about a 5 minute one right now...
    Good idea about the tops, I always wear low cut ones as I just find that easiest, maybe making things more...
  23. Stopping bf in front of non-supportive people

    Hi, my DS is 20 months old and an avid bf'er. I'm starting to get more senstive about bf in front of non-suportive people due to his age. I know some women don't care what other people think, or want...
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    Re: Output Question

    I think you are fine, it's total output, and the stools are very wet, all indicating that there is lots of milk going in, which is why people track output after all :-)
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    Re: 1 week and desparate

    Hi, I used a tube thing and they are great. With the formula, I totally agree that a baby will almost always take milk offered in a bottle, even if you've just been feeding for the last 2 hrs. So...
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