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  1. Is it my imagination, or does my bra smell faintly of milk?

    Very weird question, I know, but do any of you other mamas notice that your bra smells like milk at the end of the day. It's like a sweet, milky smell.
  2. Re: I know they say you can't overfeed a breastfed baby, BUT....

    My little fatty now weighs about 27 pounds and she's eight months old! She was only 6 pounds, 6 ounces at birth, so that's about the 15th percentile, I think. At four months, she was in the 140th...
  3. Re: Please, need help!! Baby girl is 5.5 months old, low milk supply for 3 days!!!

    I have OS, my baby is eight months old, and I never feel engorged. I regularly pump five to eight ounces from ONE breast without it ever even feeling full. Just goes to show that there can be tons of...
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    Re: EP and Domperidone

    I don't know if Dom affects your cycle or not, but breastfeeding definitely does in many women. Some women never have their period while nursing, even if they nurse for years! :yikes Must be nice!...
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    Re: Will my baby wean early?

    Hi, OP...where did you read that info? I've never heard it before, and would like to know more since I, too, have OS.
  6. Re: Tips for increasing length of nursing session

    Keep "nursing only" toys on hand that are small enough for your LO to hold with one hand. Switch them out as baby becomes bored.

    Wear long necklaces for baby to play with. I've made nursing...
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    Re: At my wits end...

    Before you start worrying about fore/hindmilk imbalance, please read this article

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    Re: Not producing Hindmilk

    What kind of scale did you find on Craig's List? If it's not the sensitive, expensive kind ($1500 new :yikes) it's not going to be effective for what you're needing. Trust me, I know because I tried...
  9. Re: How often is your 8 month old nursing?

    My LO will be eight months old tomorrow. She nurses 5 to 7 times a day and eats four ounces of cereal every evening. She has slept ten to twelve hours every night since her six month check up. I know...
  10. Re: You know you're no longer nursing a newborn when...

    You know you're no longer nursing a newborn when your LO bites you with TEETH, not just gums! (My newest, painful challenge BTW :rolleyes:)
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    Re: Not producing Hindmilk

    A thin layer of fat on top is normal. That's how it's supposed to look.

    I agree with jenblueeyes81. It seems strange that it takes so long for your LO to nurse if you have OS.

    Also, at one...
  12. Re: 4 month old not gaining, how worried should I be?

    If I were you, I'd rent a scale and do some weigh, feed, weighs. They can ease your mind SO much, and the average cost to rent the scale is just five dollars per day.

    These scales are highly...
  13. Important article about hindmilk misconceptions...

    There are a lot of women on these forums who worry their babies aren't gaining well due to something about fore/hindmilk.

    This article explains how the two are actually irrelevant and weight gain...
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    Re: Not producing Hindmilk

    Here's a link to the article I read that explains away some of the confusion out there about fore and hindmilk...
  15. Re: Abstract goes against every bit of wisdom LLL teaches about weight gain!

    I was interested to know that, too. I didn't try to access the article. I assumed you'd have to pay...
  16. Abstract goes against every bit of wisdom LLL teaches about weight gain!


    What do you ladies think? I know there are only 63 babies in the study, but I'm just baffled!:shrug
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    Re: Not producing Hindmilk

    Did your LC do weigh, feed, weighs to see how much milk your LO was transferring in an average feed?

    How do you know there's no hindmilk? Did a lab analyze your milk? I'm curious to know because...
  18. Re: I never wanted to say this but at 31 days i am close to giving up

    Trust your instincts. If you think your baby is hungry, you're probably right. Especially if he's not gaining. I've nursed three babies, and I believe the mom knows. I don't agree with a lot of...
  19. Re: Left Breast Boycott - Week 2

    I nursed from one side for almost 6 weeks because I had so much trouble getting my DD to latch on the right side. I pumped the right side every time, and I'm really glad I kept up the supply on that...
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    Re: Nipple Shields??

    Try the football hold. That's how I weaned my DS. You can see better what you're doing, and it's easier to control baby's head.

    Also, I would start with the shield on and sneak it off after a few...
  21. Re: How long does your baby sleep at night?

    My DD is 7 months old. From 2 -4 months she slept about 10 hours a night. From 4-6 months she woke up once per night. From 6 months until now, she sleeps from 7 pm to 6 a.m. AWESOME! I hope she keeps...
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    Re: End of my rope!

    If I were you, I'd go to the Medela website and search for a place to rent a highly sensitive baby scale in your area. They are a LIFESAVER in situations like yours. The average cost to rent one is...
  23. Re: 7 month old not drinking as much!

    I had the same problem with DD number one and now with DD number two. She's seven months old now, too.

    The only solution I've been able to find is nursing in the nursery in the same chair every...
  24. Re: You know you're no longer nursing a newborn when...

    You can't nurse anywhere but at home in one certain place because they're so distractable.
  25. Re: You know you're no longer nursing a newborn when...

    ...you have to give your little one stuff to do while she's nursing to keep her focused.
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