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  1. Re: best bottles when breastfeeding & pumping

    I use the manual Avent pump - and also use the avent bottles - they are great for us. They are specially made for breast fed babies so that you can transition from breast to bottle with out your...
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    Re: Should you mix milk from each breast?

    They mix the milk from totally different cows all together and we drink it ~ some people buy non-homogonized milk but that's still all the milk from the same cow - all the udders.
    I would assume...
  3. Daycare not treating breast milk properly

    I am so upset because everyday I go to work - I pump bottles for my son to drink at daycare. I make sure to take the time out to pump, store in an office fridge that we got just for me and I...
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    Re: 75 bags of milk gone!

    I'm so so sorry for your loss ~ seriously I would get my husband to pour it out because I would cry. You work so hard to make that milk and then to pump it and take care to preserve it. :(
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    Re: White Spots in Frozen Milk??

    I was freezing my milk in a freezer that the door is rarely opened, all the way in the back under where the cold air blows out - after about a month of being in the freezer I noticed the white spots...
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    Re: Sleeping through the night

    Holy Moly! I can hardly believe my eyes! My son is almost 5 months old and has been waking up every 2-3 hours since he was born - I envy you.
    Even though feeding your DD is very important -...
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    Spouse not warming up?

    My son is now 5 months old *on the 21st of May* but one thing that I wanted to bring up was when my son was a newborn it took my husband a few months to want to hold him and kiss him and treat him...
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    Re: Human Pacifer and Nipple Tug of War

    Human Pacifier here!
    My DS is 5 months on the 21st of may. He nurses until he is full and often falls asleep on my breast and won't let my nipple go - I try to pull it out *ouch* or stick my finger...
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    Re: Seeking Solutions...

    Also - don't worry if you have to EP for your baby - I did it for 2 months - I used the Avent bottles *and still do* to give him the bm - It is the most like a natural latch and nipple.
    Breast Milk...
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    Re: Seeking Solutions...

    I was in the same boat as you 4 months ago. At the hospital I received no support on breast feeding - especially since my son had jaundice - they basically blamed it on me because I was bf. My DS...
  11. EP - is this why I have my period already?

    I am a full time working mom - but I also only give my DS bm - I EP his bm. He is about to turn 5 months old on the 21st of May. I already started my ms! I have mixed feelings about it but mostly...
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