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    Re: "You can go ahead and wean now"

    Yeah, what a really irresponsible and inconsiderate thing to say. I'm really not surprised. Lots of people have this assumption that there is a specific time that you should stop bf your own child...
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    Re: It is finished

    Yes, your story is really inspiring and I can only hope that Nola and I will have a nice long bf relationship like the two of you! Wow! 17 months way to go! I got a little teary eyed myself reading...
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    Re: 4 month old smacking when breastfeeding

    Wow! that is the very same thing that my daughter did after finally taking a bottle. She was about 4 months old as well. It happened after she had to take bottles through the day because I went...
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    Re: How to nurse a long baby?

    My six month old is 27" long and so we don't spend too much time nursing at the rocking chair anymore, but when we do I use a firm queen sized pillow for her to lay on as I hold her on my lap. ...
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    Re: DS won't go to sleep without the boob

    My baby won't go to sleep without nursing either and like yours, really doesn't go down for good until 10pm. We wanted the same thing, an 8pm bed time - she's six months now and nope- still 10pm and...
  6. Re: waking up at night...not sure if I got good advice...

    Wow, yup, greenteaof thenorthwoods, that is exactly how mine sleeps too! She's up every 4 hours for the most part. By the way, your baby and I share the same birthday! :)

    Every once in a while...
  7. Re: waking up at night...not sure if I got good advice...

    Wow. Lots to think about. thank you so much for your replies. I feel the same as you Wyattsmom when you say

    "If she wants to nurse, let her. If she needs you to fall asleep, let her. Babies...
  8. Re: Returning to work soon.....won't take bottle

    Yup, we went through hell with our girl too before I went back. She wanted nothing to do with a bottle. She'd scream herself to sleep every time we tried.

    My mother was able to feed her a...
  9. waking up at night...not sure if I got good advice...

    My six month old daughter still wakes up in the early early morning crying and wanting to nurse. I don't mind of course but it sure would be nice to get a full nights sleep. She weighs 20lbs...
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