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  1. Re: Is it easier to travel w/ LO if you're still BF?

    I just went on a 6 hour flight with 2 layovers by myself with a 5 month old. BF pretty much saved my life during that trip. My son HATES to be constrained. His threshold for holding is like 30...
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    Re: Giving up

    My baby did not nurse until he was 12 weeks old. Never latched in the hospital, never latched with the LC, never latched period. I was advised to try and latch him for 5 minutes prior to giving him a...
  3. Re: Didn't have to pump at 4:30am - she nursed!

    ya! congrats!! We have very similar situations and I too am hoping my lo becomes a professional nurser someday! :) Its so great to hear stories like these-gives me hope!!! congrats again!
  4. Very unusual nursing situation-need help!!

    I have a very unusual ( at least to me!) situation that I am trying to figure out. My son is exactly 12 weeks old. When he was born, he had a lot of difficulty latching ( I had a peaceful natural...
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