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    Painful boobs

    My 16 mo DD and I have been weaned for a week now. She is doing well, but mommy is having painful boobs. My right breast hurts in one area and is more painful than the left. I am leaking pretty...
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    Starting more than one meal?

    My LO is 7 mos old. I have been giving her solids once at night, one kind at a time. When do I start giving her more than one solid at a time and more than one meal in a day? She went to the doc...
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    Re: best high chair and first food?

    be careful with the bananas. I did the bananas with my lo and she is having problems with constipation. I feel so bad for her because she strains and doesn't have much luck, which is very different...
  4. Re: I chose my family over my dream job...need support

    I will still be working, just choosing a job that is daytime hours so I can spend the evenings and nights with my baby.
  5. I chose my family over my dream job...need support

    I am a recent RN graduate, and have strived to be a NICU nurse throughout school. I completed an internship in school and even interviewed once before graduating, but did not get the job. I was...
  6. Difference between hospital grade and personal electric pumps??

    I am currently using an Ameda elite hospital grade pump which I am loaning from the WIC office. I want to buy a personal electric pump, but was wondering if there is a difference between these and...
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    Re: Where do you pump?

    At my hospital I pump in the lactation station, which is a pumping room. It kind of sucks that I have to go down two flights of stairs to get there...but hey, it is better than a bathroom...which I...
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    Re: Emotional Void Returning To Work

    You know I think I am going through the same thing. I started back to work when my LO was about 4 mos part time and am now working fulltime 3 12 hour shifts. It is very hard...and right now I am...
  9. Re: new mom/RN cant decide to work 24 or 36 hours

    babynurse heather....when did you return to work? How old was your daughter?
  10. Re: new mom/RN cant decide to work 24 or 36 hours

    well hubby is definently supportive of me only working parttime. yes, they are 12 hour shifts, but I am going to be doing nights. anywho, it would probably be until she is one year old. I just feel...
  11. new mom/RN cant decide to work 24 or 36 hours

    Hi! I have a 5 month old daughter. I am having trouble deciding if I should work 24 or 36 hours. I am having a lot of sadness over missing my babygirl. The only problem is I started a new job about a...
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    producing enough while working

    I have recently started working as a nurse working 12 hour shifts. I pump 3 times a shift, which is the most I am able to do. I get about 3-4 ounces total with each session. My SIL watches my baby...
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    Re: Nipple Piercings

    I had both pierced. I took them out about a year ago and no problems breastfeeding.
  14. Re: How or did you get your baby on a sleeping schedule?

    Stressball, I am with you. My 3mo old DD has slept with me since the first night home from the hospital. That first night I tried to put her in her bassinett, but she just wasn't having it. SHe was...
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    Re: 3 month old nursing interval

    my 3 mo old baby nurses every 2.5-3 hours during the day, and is down to one nursing at night. She takes short 45 min catnaps about 4 or 5 times a day.
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    Poll: Re: Which pump do you use?

    I use the Ameda elite which I have loaned from the WIC center. I love it, I use it for work, and it really does the job. Before returning back to work I used the Medela Harmony hand pump and it was...
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    Re: cosleeping question

    I don't burp my LO at night in bed. I put a baby blanket under us to catch the drool/spit up. Besides, she usually falls right back to sleep after nursing. I am not even sure if she "needs" to nurse,...
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    Re: suggestions on pumps?

    for occassional use I would suggest the Medela Harmony hand pump. It is very comfoetable. I agree that Lasinoh disposable bags are the best. My DD started on the bottle at 3 weeks (occassional...
  19. Temas: At 9 weeks..

    by AmandaC

    Re: At 9 weeks..

    Yes! I am not alone. My LO is 9 weeks old, and we still nurse every 2 hours, sometimes if I am lucky she will go 2.5-3 hours. She still wakes every 3 hours at least at night. But, we cosleep so it is...
  20. Temas: Baby acne

    by AmandaC

    Re: Baby acne

    My DD had/still has acne at 7 weeks. Started about 4 weeks. Our ped. gave us some cream called benzaclin and we put a small amount on as needed. It really does the trick. I am sure it would be fine...
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    Re: going back to work at 8 wks/night shifts

    Thanks for the ideas!! I think I may just have someone bring her to me while I sleep, and nurse lying down. I want to attend a nearby LLL meeting because I feel I will need the support during this...
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    going back to work at 8 wks/night shifts

    I may be going back to work at 8 weeks as a nurse working from 7P-7A. I don't know how this will work because I am currently co-sleeping with my DD of 6 wks. Who will she sleep with? When will I...
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