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  1. Re: Relactating for 3 month old baby

    I saw my primary care doctor today and she said that there is nothing that can be prescribed. She said she was doubtful I'd be able to regain my supply. After reading through this board I know...
  2. Re: Should I/ Can I relactate? Please help!!!

    Regarding OP's statement: "By then, I had researched soy formula, and was very upset about how dangerous it is."

    Please let me in on what you found out? My pediatrician told me that soy was...
  3. Re: Relactating for 3 month old baby

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. Soon after I wrote this post I was able to pump a few drops from one breast - yay!
  4. Relactating for 3 month old baby


    I gave birth on October 13th (14.5 weeks ago). I pumped for the first 3 weeks of my son's life. He was never able to latch (he is tongue-tied and I have inverted nipples). The stress of...
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