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  1. Re: how many times should I pump each day?

    actually you need to pump as much as your baby want. your baby is healthy, need a little bit more milk. so you should collect 12 oz to 14 oz a day.
  2. Re: Latch problem, baby sucks air- her fault or mine?

    She is now eight weeks only, I think this latch problem will be solved within two or three weeks. At ten or eleven weeks your baby will have more stronger mouth to latch.
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    Re: Slowly weaning 9 month old

    Your daughter's age is only 9 months. This is too early for weaning. Try not to wean this year. Your daughters comfort comes first than your job. I think I made my point.
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    Re: Wean Preparation & Mixed Feelings

    No matter how much straggle you are going through, you must feed him until he is at least 18-20 month old. So, try your best. Good luck.
  5. Re: Baby too frantic to latch on 3rd night

    You are saying that it's only 3rd day of her life? Then why you are anxious? At least give her a week, then see what's bothering her.
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    Re: Sore nipples!

    If it is 2.5 weeks then it's normal. It's gonna take around 10 or 12 weeks to become normal. So, don't worry, it's gonna be alright. But if it's getting worst then you should call a doctor.
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