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    Re: small baby

    sailing thru the same boat. my girl grows taller but not very chubby. prerssurised to introduce solids.
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    Whas in breast milk???

    Hi there everyone,

    I gota quedtion 4 u all breast feeding mommies. I have been breast feeding my baby since birth and she is 4 months old now. At 3 months and 3 weeks she was in the 75th...
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    Re: is bm a decongestant????

    hey sorry guys!! iits breast milk....
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    is bm a decongestant????

    i read somewhere in this forum that bm can be a good decongestant in case of cold in infants. is it rue? can i have more info on that?? my dd is 3.5 months and the changing weather got to her. Now...
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    baby pulls away while nursing

    hey there moms,

    I have a question not a real problem. My BG while nursing pulls away quiet often. Its like she takes a few mouthfuls and pulls away...swallows ..looks at me and resumes nursing....
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    baby rash :-(

    Hi there,

    I know tis is not a bf question. But i just thought i might benerfit by the experience of other mothers. My baby is in her 10th week. Right from birth she semed to have some rash like...
  7. Re: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

    Thanx Annie:) That made my heart light. I was worried sick if i was doing something wrong!! After all granny has mothered 5 babies of her own. Just wanted a comfort zone to continue on ebf.

  8. Re: Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

    Thanx there on all the support u guys. Just one more question. She takes keen interest in watching ppl eat. Or is it just that she is curious about evrtything we do???? My granny goes on saying that...
  9. Cereals by 3 months????? Isnt it too early??

    HI there moms,

    I know this is among the most asked questions by first time moms!!!:confused: But i really need to know a crisp answer to this one as everyone in my family seems to have an opinion...
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    Re: Hiccups

    no need to give anything to stop hiccups. its actually the sign thar ur baby is growing. usually hiccups are a sign that ur baby's intake is growing. u can see them at growth spurt stages very often....
  11. Re: not pooped for 2 consecutive days now:-(

    thanx . she just relieved my tension by pooping:D
  12. not pooped for 2 consecutive days now:-(

    het there moms,

    My kid is being breast fed predominantly and an occassional bottle is given to her. She has never had a problem with bowel movements. For he last 1 week i have been nursing her...
  13. nipples very taut and big after bf!!@@!!

    Hi there u moms!!

    Something that worries me silly:o I have been nursing my 2.5 months old since birth and seem to have this problem not only continuing but also growing!! Its the size of my...
  14. low supply due to returning periods????

    Hi there everyone

    I copntinued to have spottings till say 6 weeks after i gave birth to my baby girl. Was off 1 week and now have dark colored spottings and my supply of milk seems to have...
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    sudden drying up???


    i have been breast feeding my bg ever since birth. perhaps a bottle a day. last week i did not bf her for 4 feedings. from then on my supply seems to have dried up literally!!!!!!!is this...
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    Re: Increasing BM supply

    Pretty much the same here!!! My girl is gaining well and nurses approx the same as 8 times a day. But i dont seem to be able to pump much and for the last 2 days my supply seems to have gone...
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    Which breast pump to buy???

    Hi there everyone,

    Iam looking to buy a breast pump. Planning to pump atleast twice daily. The Evenflo Elan, Medela PIS original is what i was planning on. But i seem to read raving reviews about...
  18. My DD lcks on to anything that is near her mouth

    HI there moms,

    My DD licks on anything near her mouth. She has a spl liking to cloth. At first i thought she was signalling that she is hungry, but turns out she has the same level of interest in...
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    how good is PIS??

    HI there moms who pump,

    I bought the medela single deluxe breast pump( operates on battery/ electricity). The pumping sessions were fairly unsuccessful. somedays its 5 Oz and somedays less than an...
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    Re: bm not consistent??????

    :) thanx a bunch free response, kubi1234567, dj's mom. i dont seem to be following the clock if thats the trick i will stick to a schedule. i nurse my bg when she demands. she demands more ast...
  21. Re: I dont feel engorgement or pain if i miss a feeding or 2!!!!

    :o thanx jc's mom and sara. my bg is 7 weeks now and she is in the 50th percentile in weight gain and 75th percentile in height gain. she is active and healthy. manages to pee min 10 toimes a day in...
  22. Re: are formula fed babies bigger tyhan ebf babies????

    :) thanx a bunch u moms out there. i was worried sick that she is just 50 percentile of wat she shud be. and 75 percentile in height.

    i think iam looking for the chubby thighs here. but as long...
  23. I dont feel engorgement or pain if i miss a feeding or 2!!!!


    M 3rd post today as iam desparate. i dont feel engorgement or pain if i miss a feeding or 2. I can go on comfortably for about 6-8 hours at a stretch. and i dont "FEEL" a let down. but my ped...
  24. are formula fed babies bigger tyhan ebf babies????

    I have always seen babies fed with formula are bigger than exclusively bf babies. Although healthy and active bf babies sometimes are not as big (atleast to look at). My baby girl was 7.7 lbs at...
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    bm not consistent??????

    HI there moms!!!

    Got a quick question for u all. I pump occassionally and have a 1 1/2 month old baby girl. Some days its so good that i pyump out 5 Oz in 30 minutes. But there are days when i...
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