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    Re: Is my pump giving me plugged ducts?

    I know it is very painful - stress usually causes clogged ducts for me, I guess where I am not able to have as good of a milk flow while I am pumping at work. The only way I have found to unclog the...
  2. Supplementing w/ formula? Allergy? Long question!!

    We are going through a serious growth spurt right now-he went from 4 oz every 4 hours to 5 oz every 3 hrs when I am at work. Most of my extra supply is almost gone, and I am still not pumping enough...
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    Constipation in 3 mo old

    My baby started vitamins after his two-month appointment-up until then he had a dirty diaper once a day. I started giving him 1/2 dose of vitamins and he only had one every other day. Last week I...
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    Dental work

    I have to get a filling at the dentist Monday-my first ever:( . Do you know if a local anesthetic or anything that is used for the filling is harmful in breastmilk? Anyone with experience in this...
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    Spitting up at AM feeding

    My DS just started sleeping for a 6-hour stretch last week; now he is spitting up during that next feeding. He doesn't seem to be eating too fast and I have tried burping him every 5 minutes instead...
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