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  1. Re: PG/BF 2005-2012. Thanks for the supp

    Well, I thought we were done, but of course LO had other ideas! We're done breastfeeding but he still occasionally asks to nurse even though the milk's almost completely gone. Actually I'm amazed...
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    Re: Made it to 12 months!!

    Congratulations! A huge accomplishment that many never reach. Well done you and your friend above (sk1718) :clap
  3. Re: PG/BF 2005-2012. Thanks for the supp

    Thanks everyone!:) I posted this on here because I felt like I wanted congratulations (hey, I'M proud of myself;)) and in the 'real world' I just get told I'm crazy and out of my mind, etc. This...
  4. PG/BF 2005-2012. Thanks for the support!

    I guess this is goodbye... I've been pregnant and/or breastfeeding continually since Nov 2005 but I think I've finally reached the end of this stage of my life.

    At almost 3 years, DS2 was...
  5. Re: I still nurse my 19 month old son 'on demand' and in public - does anyone else?

    Another point about NIP - I've noticed that if I am comfortable with what I'm doing and smile at people, they tend to smile back. If I'm worried about what people will think (like when I first NIP)...
  6. Have to go away for 8 or 9 days - will my LO forget how to latch?

    This is probably a stupid question, but I know that LOs forget how to latch after not nursing for a certain period of time...but how long? He won't forget in a week, will he? And will there be milk?...
  7. Re: I still nurse my 19 month old son 'on demand' and in public - does anyone else?

    Still NIP my 27 mo!
  8. Mommy milk: the most fun a two year old can have!

    What was the most fun thing you did today? I asked my two boys. The four year old couldn't decide between the dog walk, the trip to the park, the swimming pool, the BBQ, helping mommy in the garden....
  9. Re: no support in nursing a 22 month old

    I live in the USA near my MIL, so it's great to have her support. My own mother lives in the UK so it's only during visits that she gets to tell me how BFing a "great big child like that" is "utterly...
  10. Re: no support in nursing a 22 month old

    Sorry you're not getting the support you need.:hug You've already been sent great links to relevant info about the benefits. I just wanted to share my experience.

    MIL was not supportive at first,...
  11. Re: Yesterday I nursed a truck, a lobster and a siberian tiger.

    love it!

    I nearly left the house with a stingray stuffed down my shirt, without even realizing. The only reason I didn't was that my oldest asked what the stingray was doing in my shirt!
  12. Yesterday I nursed a truck, a lobster and a siberian tiger.

    I'm so glad my LO is learning to share! His latest thing is to share the 'pupples', so yesterday I had to nurse a large construction truck, a train, various sea creatures (including lobster, puffer...
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    Re: AF?

    Thanks everyone! After DS1 it returned at 12 months, and nursing always hurt during my period, so I'm not looking forward to that when/if it finally returns. I just thought it was odd that this time...
  14. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    when he distinguishes between 'milkies' and 'pupple'. I only just figured out that 'pupple' (nipple) means he just wants to comfort suck. As always, mommy's a few steps behind!
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    Anyone else getting towards two years postpartum and still no sign of AF?
  16. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    ...when he plays breast guitar. It's like air guitar, but strumming the boob and dancing while nursing. :dance
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    Re: Moving DD to her own bed

    We coslept with DS1 until DH figured out we were waking each other up (must have been that mother-son psychic connection ;) ) Anyway once we let him have his own room, he slept better (go figure) but...
  18. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    ...when he pulls off long enough to say 'car vroom vroom' (as one drove by) and latches right back on.

    Thanks for the laughs, ladies. There are some very cute and intelligent little people out...
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    Re: thrush?

    :hug Wish I had the answers. How's it going today?
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    Re: Am I really so outrageous?

    Believe me I'm not going to change anything based on their opinions. I was just whining about their lack of understanding:rolleyes:, and recognizing how lucky I am to live in a place where BF...
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    Re: Am I really so outrageous?

    Thanks everyone!

    Andrea, believe me I've tried. Unfortunately my mom was a midwife and pediatric nurse (of the very clinical variety) and her opinions (from the 1960s) are set in stone. :banghead...
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    Am I really so outrageous?

    Survived family Christmas - woo hoo! Now I remember why I left my home to live on the other side of the world! And now I have an idea of what so many of you go through every day, surrounded by...
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    Re: 5 year anniversary (sort of!)

    Thank you! My mother and husband are both putting varying amounts of pressure on me to stop, so it's really great to have POSITIVE feedback for a change! :hug
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    Re: BFing after 1

    Congrats on 1 yr! :clap

    In my experience, toddlers go through phases of nursing less frequently, then suddenly they're nursing all day long again! For mine, it usually depends on teething, new...
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    5 year anniversary (sort of!)

    As of this month, I have been either PG, BF or PG-and-BF for FIVE YEARS! That's a long time to dedicate one's body to other beings and I have fond memories of being able to think clearly and not...
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