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    Did you increase your milk??

    Hi all mamas. I am looking for some support and need to hear from some moms who have been successful at increasing their milk. DS is 7 months and three months ago I had to go back to work full time...
  2. Re: Don't know how I'm going to make it

    Sorry for all the typos!!! I meant to say my husband IS very supportive of me BFing....
  3. Re: Don't know how I'm going to make it

    I just read your post and thought you were telling my story!! Welcome to the world of a working/breast feeding/co-sleeping mom!! This is my second go around since I have two boys, one is three (BF...
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    Slow weight gain.....AGAIN!!

    Three years ago when I had DS1 this forum was my saving grace!! We went through slow weight gain with him and his Dr put me through the ringer doing all kind of tests, telling me to stop BFing and...
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    DH lost job, I gotta work!!

    Hi all,
    DS just lost his job two days ago. I was working as well but only 10-20 hours per week. Now I have to pick up full time hours starting in two days. I only have 12 ounces pumped!!! I feed...
  6. Re: Pregnant with shingles, numbness in breast

    Your poor mom had to go through that twice how awful. Yes, I am on the anti-viral. Luckily the rash is on my upper back and completely covered when regular clothes are on. There is no way anyone...
  7. Re: Pregnant with shingles, numbness in breast

    Thanks so much for responding I was hoping somebody would! Glad to know that your sister and baby did just fine. I really needed to hear "you will be fine." Thanks for that!
  8. Pregnant with shingles, numbness in breast

    Hi all,
    I did just post this in the pregnancy forum but would like as much feedback as possible. I have shingles and I am 36 weeks pregnant. Rash started 2 days ago on the left side of my back. ...
  9. Re: How do I nurse a newborn while caring for a toddler?

    Awesome and thanks so much! So helpful. Going to start cooking now and great idea for a nursing basket. Going to get started on that as well. DH will be home for one week. I have a doula for...
  10. How do I nurse a newborn while caring for a toddler?

    Hi all- Just trying to prepare ahead of time and not sure where to post this so here it goes: I am due in 6 weeks. My son is 2.5 years old. I BF him for 17 months. My husband was home for the...
  11. Re: Please tell me this too shall pass!

    I started doing a yoga class around 4-5 weeks. After that I started back at some weight training around 6 weeks. I did not start running again until around 3 months since I had some pressure down...
  12. Re: Please tell me this too shall pass!

    Hi there! First of all conradulations on your beautiful baby boy! I wanted to respond to you since I noticed you love fitness? I am also a fitness lover as well. I breasted my son for 17 months. He...
  13. How to prevent sore nipples before baby is born?

    Hi All,
    It has been a while since I have used this site. It was super helpful to have it available while I was breast feeding my son who is now 2.5 years old. I breast fed him for 17 months. I am...
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    Just 17 lbs at one

    Have not posted in quite some time. DS is all over the place and I have been chasing him around. He is napping now so good time to write. DS has had slow weight gain his entire life. He is alert,...
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    Can she get it back??

    Hi everyone,
    I am writing in for my sister who cannot get to the computer due to her very busy work and family schedule. She has a 7 month old who has been EBF up unitil one month ago when whe...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep...

    Don't have much time to write but just wanted to let yo know that DS is 9 months and he is nursed to sleep all the time, even for naps. DH puts him down for naps and for the night as well so DS can...
  17. Re: Ok mamas... so sad, need some advice.

    I just wanted to thank your for you post. All of the responses were very informative. My DS is 9 months and he still wakes many times through the night and I nurse him back to sleep ALL the time!!!...
  18. Had to leave workshop, no place to pump!

    Hi all mamas,
    Today I went to a workshop. I was suppose to be there from 8-6. When I got there I asked if there was a spot that I could go to and privately pump. They told me they closed the...
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    Re: Breastfeeding & Milk Allergy?

    I would at first see your LO's pedi before you make any decision. There could be something else going on here. And YES, you can take all dairy out of your diet and continue to BF. I did it as well....
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    Re: 8 mo old waking up every hour

    Thanks for all of the replies and advice. Will def try alternating on weekends with hubby and going back to bed, sounds like paradise! I may slow down on the solids too to see if that will help and...
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    8 mo old waking up every hour

    Hi all Mamas,
    Looking for some advice here. DS is now 8 months and waking every hour at night. He has been doing this for a solid 2 months now. We co-sleep and I am beginning to think that may...
  22. Does milk supply drop when you are sick?

    I have been fighting a horrible cold all week and my supply has taken a dive. I took a pregnancy test and I am not pregnant. I was due for my period three days ago so maybe it is that too. I...
  23. Re: Pediatrician worried about DS weight gain

    This is my story exacty! DS is just over 7 months and 14 lbs! Same with the pediatrician as well and she had us see a specialist who wanted me to stop BFing since he thought DS was allergic to...
  24. Re: Dairy intolerance or fore milk/hind milk issue?

    DS had same issues around 4 months. He is now 7 months and things have cleared up. I did take out dairy and soy for many weeks (around 6 weeks). Things started to improve with this. BUT I also...
  25. OH CRAP!! Left milk out overnight!

    Hi all mamas,
    I don't know how I did this but when I got home from work yesterday I did not put the 8 ounces of breast milk in the fridge! I just discovered this now this morning. Do I HAVE to...
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