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    Re: Nighttime Trials

    Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. My 16 month old loves to nurse at night. She sleeps in her crib from 8-1am, and then joins me in the big bed. She nurses many times during the...
  2. Re: Milk Supply has dropped suddenly at 13 months! Time to wean?

    Yes, my period has returned, but that was back when she was 6 months old, so I don't see that as a factor. No changes in birth control for me either. I just can't shake the feeling that she is not...
  3. Milk Supply has dropped suddenly at 13 months! Time to wean?

    Hello Gals,
    I need to help and advice. Last month my daughter turned one!:o I was so proud that I made to it BFing that long. Knowing all the problems I had at first with a low milk supply, I'm...
  4. Re: Are any Cough Syrups or Cough Drops safe?

    I was not asking anyone to suggest medicine. All I was asking if some basic over the counter medicines are okay, such as Robitussin DM or over the counter cough drops.
  5. Are any Cough Syrups or Cough Drops safe?

    Hi all,
    My doctors office closed today before I had the chance to call in, I have a really bad cough wondering if any cough syrup or drops are safe while breastfeeding? On the package they all say...
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    Re: Biting!

    Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one! My 9 month just started to bite the past two days as well, due to her top teeth coming in. I'm anxiously awaiting some other Mom's...
  7. Re: Seems interested in solids, yet once it's in the mouth....

    puree's only, although I have tried some watermelon in small tiny pieces.
  8. Seems interested in solids, yet once it's in the mouth....

    Hi Everyone,
    My 7 1/2 month old watches everything I do. When I eat, she opens her mouth too, when I drink, she grabs for my glass and tries to drink as well. She opens her mouth for spoons and so...
  9. Re: Solid Introduction to an 8 month old

    I don't have any answers, but wanted to say that I'm in the same "boat" that you are in with my 7 month old. She acts the same exact way when I try to feed her purees with either a spoon or my...
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    Re: Tongue Thrust Reflux

    Thanks everybody I feel better now too. I knew even at her 6 month appointment with the ped that she wasn't ready, but I did and have tried for the sake of trying. Like "aph's" post...I feel pressure...
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    Tongue Thrust Reflux

    My 6 month old still has the tongue thrust refux. We have tried some solids the past 2 weeks (applesauce, bananna, avacado) and it all ends up back out on the bib. Clearly she is not ready, yet...
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    Re: No leaky breasts ???

    Never leaked during pregnancy or afterwards...even now after and my baby is 6 months! I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. Weird sudden change in bowel movement

    Hello ladies,
    I'm not sure what is going on, my daughter is 6 months and for the past 5 months has been on a 5-7 day schedule for a bowel movement. Quickly I learned that that was okay for a...
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    Re: LLL Meeting???

    I agree with what all the ladies said above. I urge you to go to the meetings, I started going because I felt I needed to "connect with other Mommies" and just get out of the house. I was shy, and...
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    Re: going to movie

    I have a 5 month old that I have taken to 3 movies so far. The one that she went to when she was a young newborn she slept through, and nursed during it. The noise did not bother her. The other 2...
  16. Re: Breastfeeding and weight loss... what a joke!

    I agree with you that it is a complete joke. I have a 5 month old now, and I have gained so much weight. It's downright depressing, I eat very healthy, and have tried restricting my eating, but then...
  17. Re: questions on introducing solids...and a litte venting

    Get a new ped! There are ones out there that support delaying solids, cosleeping, attachment parenting, and so on. Mine even supports the fact I'm not a fan of cows milk, and wish to put my LO on...
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    Re: hot weather nursing

    Yes, I have noticed the same thing these summer months you are not alone! However usually the next nursing session is much better and she makes up for it. I've also noticed if I'm hot and over-heated...
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    Re: how long between poo's?

    My little girl has gone for as long as 17 days with no poo. When she goes however, SHE GOES!!! As long as your baby doesn't show any discomfort I wouldn't worry, like the others said just keep in...
  20. Am I the only one that has to nurse laying down to get my baby to nap?

    Hi Gals,
    I've got a 5 month old that I cannot get her to take a nap unless I lay down with her and sneak out of the room once she is napping soundly. It never used to be like this, she used to nap...
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    Re: Hungry!

    Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I've been BFing for 5 months and I'm always hungry. I really have to watch myself. On days where I try to eat less, I sometimes feel my supply is lower....
  22. Re: Everything seems wrong ... (venting but need advice)

    This all sounds normal! Keep going, your body is adjusting these first few weeks. You sound like me about 5 months ago when my daughter was born. Here am I today still breastfeeding. Read the links...
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    Re: When did you get ur . again?

    Just got mine back at 5 months this week. I EBF day & night too!
  24. My period returned! :( Baby fussy!

    Hello ladies,
    My baby is turning 5 months this week, and sadly my period decided to return today. She was extremely fussy while nursing today (wouldn't stay latched, whimpered & cried at breast),...
  25. No poo in over 2 weeks! infant laxatives

    My 4 1/2 month old used to go once every 7 days, suddenly it's been past 2 weeks. I've never had such a long time in between. When she was a newborn a few times I used rectal stimulation(I really...
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