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    Re: First clogged duct? Help

    I had the same problem occasionally when my LO was very small. At the first sign of a plugged duct, I would take an Ibuprofen (helps with inflammation) and apply a heating pad. Try to nurse...
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    Re: baby too big???

    :ita Yup EBF babies don't overeat. Your LO is most likely storing up for a big shoot upward. Take lots of pictures of him at this age, it won't take long and all that baby fat will be gone!
  3. Re: BF Sessions taking too long?

    One thing that made me feel better when my LO was a newborn was my lactation consultant told me, "There is no such thing as too much time at the breast." It sounds like you are doing great. And it...
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    Re: hand down shirt in public

    DD does this and it's usually pretty obvious what she wants because she also said loudly, "need milk!" Distraction seems to work pretty well ... I say, "not right now" and then change the subject. I...
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    Re: New Mom Very Discouraged

    I totally felt the same way when my daughter was about the same age. Now 1.5 years later, it feels like ancient history. So by all means, don't think your nursing relationship is doomed! Babies seem...
  6. Safe meds for (my) congestion?

    Does anyone know what meds to help relieve congestion are generally considered safe for a nursing mom to take? In more than 18 months, I haven't had a need to know the answer to this, but I'm...
  7. Re: Does your toddler nurse ALOT still as well?

    DD is 18 mos and nurses A LOT. She eats a lot of solids, too, so I know a lot of it is about comfort - not just food. She would nurse all day if I let her. I don't plan on weaning, but it's also not...
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    Re: Toddler/Preschooler Check-In

    Child's Age: 18 mos.
    Approx. height/weight: It's been about 6 months since the last check, so I'm not really sure. i would guess about 24-25 pounds and petite height-wise as well.
    Are you weaned,...
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    Re: BFing in Public

    I will honestly say NIP has only really worked for us for the past few months. At first it was terrible because DD would pop off all the time, frequently right after my let down, and I would spray...
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    Re: Sunblock

    We love the CB lotion. It's pricey but well worth it if your LO has sensitive skin. I also use it on my face because my skin is super sensitive, also.
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    When did you introduce your LO to cheerios? DD is almost 8 months now, and I know some LO's her age are eating cheerios. I am confused ... I thought wheat was a no-no until 1 year. Is that only if...
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    Re: oatmeal?

    I did get the Earth's Best oatmeal cereal (a great deal at Target) and used that some with DD at first. Then, when I would make oatmeal for myself, I would just grind up some for her in my mini food...
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    Re: 2 questions

    Everything sounds like it's going well. You'll notice that your LO's sleep habits will continue to change. He may sleep through the night for a while only to start night waking again when he starts...
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    Re: oral contraceptives

    I have been on it now for about a month. I waited until DD was about 7 months old before starting it, because I just felt better about waiting, even though a lot of people start taking it earlier. I...
  15. Re: Any recipes for homemade baby cereals?

    I just give DD oatmeal when I make it for myself. I just make the oats, omitting the salt, and then mash it with a fork. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll pump a little
    BM to mix with it, otherwise I...
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    Re: Freezing solids and BM

    Thanks! It just sounds more nutritional (of course) to use BM to thin solids than water. I have been just been making fresh food for DD, but now realize it would be easiest to make big batches and...
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    Re: Does BF frequency change?

    Growth spurts, teething, acquiring new skills can all cause changes in nursing and sleeping schedules. Some nights we still nurse all night long at 7.5 months. The lifesaver for us has been...
  18. Adiri nurser? Or any other advice for getting a baby to take a bottle?

    Has anyone had luck with the Adiri bottle when baby refuses all other bottles? My LO is 7.5 months old. She took a bottle fairly easily until a couple months ago, when she decides she would rather...
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    Freezing solids and BM

    This may be a silly question, but is it ok to freeze fresh breast milk mixed with solids?

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    Re: cosleeping woes

    When we are in bed, I always nurse DD while lying on my left side (because I sleep on the right side of the bed and she sleeps between me and DH). I kind of do what a pp mentioned for nursing from...
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    Re: Am I worrying too much?

    I am in a similar situation as you. DD will not take a bottle while I'm working unless she is starving and then only an ounce or two. I only work two days a month, but I'm away from DD for 10-12...
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    Re: Good hand pump?

    Thank you both! I think I will try the Medela Harmony. At least for $34, if I don't like it, no great loss. It sounds like a handy thing to have around not just for traveling but when I'm too lazy to...
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    Re: 7 months old and solids

    I usually just give DD her own little helping of what we are having (if she's had it before without a problem). For example, she eats oatmeal, so if I make myself some oatmeal, I will give her just...
  24. Re: How long will a 6oz Brown Cow Plain Yogurt last once it's opened?

    I think it should last for a while. I'm sure using it as quick as you can is best, but I buy the giant containers for myself, and I'll use it until the expiration date. Just scoop out what you need...
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    Good hand pump?

    We are going on vacation in a few weeks, and I thought instead of lugging my PIS with us, I may just get a hand pump to bring along. I will really just need the pump to get BM to mix with DD's solid...
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