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    Nippled on breastmilk

    I had to stay in the hospital one week with my newborn (she is 4 weeks now) and I was pumping to increase my milk supply. While there the nurses told me I could not store breast milk that had been...
  2. Re: baby "growls" or snores with eyes open, especially after feeding?

    I asked my ped. about that and he said its because the nasal cavity is not quite mature yet, and to try saline drops or a humidifier. I haven't tried them because it really doesn't happen that...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding a baby with a Pavlik Harness

    Thanks for the suggestions all. I was actually able to find something that seems to work for now. I lift her up much higher and put one leg up near my shoulder and the other down near my waist. ...
  4. Breastfeeding a baby with a Pavlik Harness

    My 2 week old was breech and has hip dysplasia. She is required to wear a Pavlik Harness, which holds her hips in a position that allows the hip socket to grow correctly. The problem is that her legs...
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