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  1. Returning to work and baby only feeds from one breast at a time

    So when I'm at work, do I double pump even though at home she feeds from one side only at a feeding? Will I increase my supply and have an over abundance? My feeding now generally fall at 6 am, 10...
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    Re: Blisters?

    I had them and my LC called them blebs. I had never heard of them. It was caused from the friction/rubbing of the flanges. Warm wash clothe did soothe it but time just was the cure. Good luck!
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    Re: Pumping with flat nipples?

    Ditto to all the above. I have one flat and one inverted nipple and its my flat side that was always the mega producer. I'm Epumping for over a year and I do use a size 27 flange as per my LC's...
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    Re: Weaning from Pumping

    Bless you for EP for that long. I'm on month 13 and am only pumping twice a day at 6 am and 9pm. I read in the Breastfeeding Made Simple that using a combination idea works well. Maybe you should...
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    Re: sterilizing parts

    I sterilize the tubing every other month in the Medela steam clean bags. Make sure the water covers the tubing and don't be shocked that when they first come out, they look discolored or white. It...
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    Re: Need help with pumping...

    Here are some helpful hints:
    • As my DD got older and more awake, I would put my DD in her bouncer or swing and use my foot to rock her while I pumped.
    • I would put my DD in her jumperoo while I...
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    Re: Getting to much milk

    At four weeks, I was having the same amount and I had to contend with blocked ducts and potential mastitis. Be careful with your pumping schedule. See a LC if you are having problems. I did and she...
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    Re: Bottle Warmer Recommendations

    I purchased the Cuisinart electric tea kettle and it has helped keep me and my DH sane since I EP and all my DD gets is bottles. She insists on BM being warm (gee, I wonder why?). We've got it down...
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    Re: Exclusively Pumping and Feedings

    Hmmmm...I'm an EP for 13 months and I was very intrigued by the posts here. I must admit that if I could have BF my baby, I would have jumped for joy. But I did not have the opportunity. I pray I...
  10. Re: Exclusively Pumping and supply diminishing

    Just keep pumping and thinking positively! Keep that picture of your
    LO by you at work when you pump. Keep the liquids up! Make dure your pump is up to snuff with exclusive pumping : ) I started EP...
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    Re: Fast flow bottle?

    I use only Dr.Brown's and learned that there is a P,1,2, or 3 nipple. The Preemie P is slowest flow and I used it from birth to about 3 months. Then I switched to the level 1 nipple. Now my DD is one...
  12. Re: Ready to Exclusively pump and kick the supplemental formula

    I decided with a LC to EP when my baby was three weeks old. We tried everything. I have one flat and one inverted nipple. ALL the suggestions above were tried to no avail. Thus I've been pumping for...
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    Re: Help choosing a breast pump

    I used the hospital grade Medela rental for month one ($70 in NY through a LC). Then I puchased the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Metro bag and love it! I pumped at work twice a day and it was very...
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    Re: EP'er Questions

    How old is your LO?
    She is one year old.
    What is your pumping schedule?
    6:00 am, 4:00 pm, 10:30 pm
    What Pump do you use?
    Medela Pump in Style Advanced Metro
    How much milk do you get in 24...
  15. Re: Exclusively pumping right now and need to get out of the house!!

    I have the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Metro bag. I love it. The actual motor is a smaller detached boxlike part that I can fit anywhere! I bought the car adapter for about $8 at BabiesRUs and it...
  16. Re: Exclusively pumping right now and need to get out of the house!!

    P.S. to make my life easier I bought enough pump parts to have for one whole day of pumping. Then at night I run the dishwasher with my parts. I had a problem with thrush so I could not avoid washing...
  17. Re: Exclusively pumping right now and need to get out of the house!!

    I know how you feel. As an exclusive pumper, I had a set schedule. Luckily my DD loved to nap at just the right times! I made all my appointments and my outings based on my schedule and worked around...
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    Re: Which pump

    My sister has the Medela Free Style and she loved it. I tried it and it just was too much to do to get it going. I didn't want to be "attached" to a bra and a machine even though it meant my hands...
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    Re: are medela pump parts compatible?

    I cut off the ends of one side of the Symphony tubing from the hospital and used it with the Pump in Style. It fit beautifully!
  20. Re: Pump Weaning - Which Session to Drop?

    I had to make a pump drop decision too. I used to pump:
    1) 5:30 a.m.
    2) 10:30 a.m.
    3) 4:00 pm.
    4) 10:30 p.m

    Now my baby is one and I've eliminated the 10:30 am pumping session by gradually...
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    Re: Is this a sign???

    I've been exclusively pumping for more than a year since my DD did not latch. It's such a commitment, I can't imagine anyone understanding until you are in it AND YOU ARE THERE. Bless your...
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    Re: pump parts in dishwasher?

    I do the same every day and I'v been pumping for almost a year...in the top rack.
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    Re: Nursing after surgery???

    I had my gallbladder removed laproscopically on November 13th. My baby was 10 months old. I entered the hospital through the Emergency Room because I had no idea what was wrong with me. So to hear I...
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    Re: In need of advice.

    What size nipple on the bottle are you using? I ended up using a PREEMIE nipple for the first few months and this helped. She had to work harder.
    I have a Medela with the let down button. It also...
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    Re: Medical Grade vs. Electric Pump

    I rented a Medela hospital grade pump for the first month and it worked fine, but when I realized I would be pumping exclusively, I purchased a Medela Pump in Style. It's just as good as the original...
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