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    Re: Right breast really tender

    I had the same feeling a few times, and it always happened after I ended up sleeping on my stomach while engorged (LO was starting to STTN). I thought it might be a clogged duct, but there were no...
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    Re: APNO precautions/successes??

    I used APNO for cracked and sore nipples during the first month of BF while we worked on latching. I also used again when he came down with thrush as a precaution. I had no issues at all, but mine...
  3. Re: Reflux medicine, feeding habits, and weight gain

    He left the hospital at 8lbs 2oz and is now 14lbs. I think he is generally happy and eats about every three hours during the day (sometimes one breast, sometimes two). He did start sleeping through...
  4. Reflux medicine, feeding habits, and weight gain

    I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to my current scenario: My son (now 14 weeks) was showing signs of reflux at 6 weeks (projectile vomiting, refusal to eat) but had...
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