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    How do I fix bad latch? BF hurts!

    My 6 days old son has a bad latch and it's causing my nipples to be very sore with scabs. It's a struggle at every feeding trying to latch him on correctly then trying to bare the pain since my...
  2. Re: MY LO won't eat breakfast or dinner now...is it cereal?

    My LO went through something similar with babyfood. She started solids at 6 months and things were fine but around 7.5 months or so she did not enjoy eating and would eat little - at this point she...
  3. Re: need help getting baby to the breast, please

    First I would suggest pumping prior to giving her your breast so you have a let down already and your LO will get milk easily rather than her sucking for let down which will frustrate her since she's...
  4. Temas: Addiction

    by @llli*newm

    Re: Addiction

    I may be in the minority here but I don't get that "high" that others are referring to when breastfeeding. It may be because in the beginning I associated great amount of nipple pain when nursing, I...
  5. Re: need help getting baby to the breast, please

    Hang in there! My LO only took the bottle with expressed BM for the first 3 months before I got her back to nursing again (we nursed the first 2 weeks she was born but stopped due to overwhelming...
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    Re: SNS is AWESOME!

    What's SNS? Whatever it is I'm glad it worked out for you. I wish I had known about it when I had supply issues during the first month, I ended up using/doing all sorts of things to get my supply...
  7. Re: Feeding Every 2 Hours at 6 Months - Growth Spurt or Supply Issue?

    Thanks everyone for your advice and wisdom! I will follow my gut instinct and feed my baby at night wakings because most of the time she does in fact eat then go back to sleep without a problem. I...
  8. Re: Feeding Every 2 Hours at 6 Months - Growth Spurt or Supply Issue?

    This is very helpful, thank you all for your input and support! I always offer her the second breast at every feeding and sometimes she will take it (like today she took the second breast at one...
  9. Feeding Every 2 Hours at 6 Months - Growth Spurt or Supply Issue?

    My LO is turning 6 months this week and for the past several weeks, she's been eating about every 1.5 to 2 hours, sometimes every hour in the evening. She used to be able finish both breasts...
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    Is this a sign to start solids?

    My LO is 5 1/2 month old and hasn't started solids yet. I plan to start her on solids right at 6 months but I have a feeling I should start solids now. The reason being is that she has been waking...
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    Book Recommendation?

    My LO is 5 months old and I will be starting solid food with her at 6 months. Is there a good book recommendation on solid food introduction and how and what to make them at home? TIA!
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    Re: Bumps on babies face? Allergies?

    My baby has bumps on her cheeks and it was diagnosed as eczema by dermatologist. We thought it was baby acne but it wasn't. She's had them since month 1 and she is 5 months now. There's not much...
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    Re: Nipple pain, help!

    I can definitely empathize with what you're going through as I went through something similar, but I pumped exclusively for 2 months then got my LO exclusively back to breastfeeding. When I did get...
  14. Re: On Breast 1.5 Hours - Has Cold & Cries Alot

    Yes, I forgot to mention that we had an appt with pediatrician this morning and she does not have ear infection, fever or anything out of the norm. Ped confirmed she has a cold and crying due to...
  15. On Breast 1.5 Hours - Has Cold & Cries Alot

    Unfortunately my 4 month old LO caught a cold and has been miserable since Monday. Last night was the worst as she kept waking herself up with cough and couldn't relax enough to go back to sleep. ...
  16. Re: Help..pumping exclusively and worried about supply

    I started off nursing then exclusively pumped for 3 months and just got her back to nursing again last few weeks! I had major issues with supply in the beginning and my LO had jaundice so we started...
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    Re: Co-Sleeping Questions

    We also use a Co-Sleeper crib next to our bed and we love it! We started by using it with with one side of the wall down so her bed is flushed against our bed and we are able to see her. Then as...
  18. Nipple cream recommendation besides Lanolin?

    I'm looking for nipple cream to soothe and relieve my sore nipples from breastfeeding. I have lanolin but it stains my clothes and I've already ruined several tops and stained one of my nursing bra...
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    Where to donate milk?

    I've been exclusively puming for 2+ month and just got my LO back to nursing. I have alot of milk that's been stored up in the freezer and I'm afraid I won't be able to use all of it and I don't...
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    Re: bottles best for breastfeeding

    My LO likes Playtex Drop-In's with silicon nipples the best. We tried variety of bottles like Avent, Born Free, Medela, Adiri but she prefers Playtex. I think every baby has their own preference. ...
  21. Breastfeeding Again but Nipples Sore :(

    I just started to breastfeed my 3 month old again after exclusively pumping for over 2 months. Breastfeeding is going well and she hasn't gone back to a bottle in 2 days (YEAH!!). However, because...
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    Re: Adiri bottles

    I tried this bottle after hearing rave reviews from others, and my LO was using Playtex Drop-In's for a month. Unfortunately, it did not work out with us. I used the newborn level which has...
  23. Re: Found this recipe on the web for milk production

    Can you use Brewer's Yeast in pill form (crushed of course) for this recipe? I haven't seen brewer's yeast that's not in pill form. Thanks!
  24. Exclusively puming, but is it possible to nurse again?

    I've been exclusively pumping for 2.5 months for my 3 month old baby. The first few weeks we tried nursing but due to excruciating nipple pain caused by cracked/bleeding nipples, we decided to give...
  25. Plugged Duct - What Else Should I Try?

    It seems I have plugged ducts on my right breast. Since last night the upper part of my right breast feels hard, like there's 2 lumps in there. I've tried massaging before/during, hot compress...
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