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  1. Re: BF failure for DS - scared abt BF this time

    Hello and welcome! :gvibes I'm so sorry to hear about how difficult your first nursing experience was. :cry It sounds like you worked very hard to provide the very best nutrition and mothering for...
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    Re: Need Help! Wanna Cry

    Hi there mama, I hope things have gotten better for you in the last week. :hug I'm so sorry it's been such a painful start for you.
    I'm hoping that the LC was able to help you problem solve and...
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    Re: Latch pain

    Just an FYI of what helped ease that initial latch on pain for me. I expressed a little milk and rubbed it around my nipple so it was nice and wet before my baby latched on and stretched it out in...
  4. Re: HELP! Short BFing sessions and falling asleep at the wheel!

    I agree, sounds normal. :ita It's perfectly normal for little babies to "cluster feed" - that is have several nursing sessions fairly close together, and then possibly go a longer stretch before the...
  5. Re: Milk supply low after tongue-tie correction

    Hi! Sounds like you're working very hard to breastfeed your little guy, I'm sorry you've had a rough start.
    I agree that seeing a good lactation consultant (International Board Certified) would be...
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    Re: Trouble Latching

    Hi Mayi,
    I'm so glad you found Dr. Newman's sit helpful and things are going better for you.
    Here are a couple more links about baby led latch that might be helpful for you as well.
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    Re: The second-time mom

    I agree that each with each baby breastfeeding is slightly different. I had terrible engorgement with my first two, and was expecting it with my third. I did get engorged, but not nearly like it had...
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    Re: Breastfeeding pain after sleeping

    I know my let down feels much more intense, almost painful if I'm overfull, or engorged, so that could be what you're experiencing. :hug
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    Re: Cracked and bleeding nipple

    Hope things are still going better for you mama. Sounds like it's been a rough couple weeks. :( One thing that I've tried when my nipples are sore is expressing a couple drops of milk and rubbing...
  10. Re: How to make 13 mo take a bottle or cup or whatever?

    I don't have any easy answers for you, but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. My oldest son flat out refused any liquid unless it came directly from me. We tried just about every cup...
  11. Re: 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??

    I agree with PP's. :ita He could be going through a growth spurt and his frequent nursing during the day will help increase your supply during the day.
    At 7 months, he may be ready for more...
  12. Re: Windy baby and biological nuturing question(s)

    Congratulations on your new baby! :clap
    I agree with pp's. :ita
    I know when I try the BN positions with my daughter (she's 16 months old now) her head seems to kind of lag to the side too. She's...
  13. Re: Wanting to go back to breast feeding, please help!

    :ita Mommal has given you great info here!
    The SNS would probably be great for your situation so you can get back to the skin to skin nursing snuggles right away while you work to bring your supply...
  14. Re: Heavy let down, only nursing briefly

    I agree with PP's. :ita
    :hug Hang in there, your milk supply will regulate soon, and as your LO grows he'll be able to handle your let down with less difficulty. If he seems satisfied...
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    Re: 1 week old not latching on

    Congrats on your new baby and your hard work in helping him learn to breastfeed! :clap I'm sorry you've had a rough start. :hug I agree with the PP's, help from a board certified LC, and lots of...
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    Re: Short nursing sessions?

    Congratulations on your new baby! Sounds like you have an efficient nurser and plenty of milk. :clap Good job watching her weight gain and diapers. I would encourage you to keep watching your baby...
  17. Re: Nystatin Ointment and Breastfeeding Q's??

    Hi Donna,
    Congrats on your new baby, and 7 weeks of breastfeeding!
    You do not need to pump and dump your milk. The yeast growth is on the skin and tissue, not in the milk.
    I just looked up...
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    Re: 2 days old and constipated?

    Hi! Congrats on your new baby! I'm glad you're feeling better about his bowel movements.
    You mentioned that he seems to pull back from you as he's latching on. This is a normal reflex babies...
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    Re: Crying/screaming at the breast

    I've found that changing my babies positions helped with burps. I'd lay them across my lap and pat their backs, then hold them upright, and continued patting - that worked especially well with one...
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    Re: Need help

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Sounds like you have had a difficult start and are doing a wonderful job mothering your little guy. :hug

    I'm sorry I've not had experience working...
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    Re: Video

    Congratulations on your new baby! I'm so glad you found help with this video. Baby-led latch is such a wonderful approach!
    I would also encourage you to try baby led latch while lying on your...
  22. Re: 6 month old nursing for only few minutes at a time

    Hi again,
    I hope that you and your DD are doing well. I just bought this book today because I thought it sounded helpful for my situation, and I thought you might find it helpful as well. Here's...
  23. Re: 6 month old nursing for only few minutes at a time

    I know this is hard, because it's nearly the same situation I've had with my DD the last few months. :hug It seems that some babies just tend to wake and eat more often at night than others. Are...
  24. Re: 6 month old nursing for only few minutes at a time

    I agree with the PP. Six month olds are busy exploring their worlds and possibly teething. Also, she may just be a very efficient nurser, and she gets all she needs in the 2-3 minutes. If she's...
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    Re: Crying/screaming at the breast

    I agree with the PP. You may try taking her off the breast and holding her upright between your breasts for a few minutes to see if she needs to burp, and then let her return to nursing when she's...
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