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  1. Re: Breastfeeding and medications

    Root canals are awful! You have my sympathy.

    It may be that it's just your body regulating your milk. I recommend watching your baby (rather than how much you can pump or how full your breasts...
  2. Re: Anyone have 2008 edition of Hale?

    I recommend that you contact a local Leader.

    Another option is to ask your baby's doctor for an opinion.

    Good luck. :)
  3. Re: Does this kind of letdown sound problematic?

    An occasional green stool is nothing to be concerned about.

    Regular green stools are generally a sign of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Since you're confident that you do not have an oversupply...
  4. Re: how long can baby go without eating/drinking ok...

    How is your baby now? I agree with the other posters that you're right about the signs of dehydration. Have you consulted a health care provider since you last posted? If you have not, I urge you...
  5. Re: Low weight gain strange colour poo

    Thank you for answering my questions. I forgot to ask how much your baby weighs now? duh. And, how old is she?

    I want to make sure I understand the situation. You said "you could visually see...
  6. Re: So Tired of the Supply Battle!

    You're very welcome :)

    Thanks for the update! I hope things continue moving in the direction you want.
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    Re: Sucking vs drinking

    :clap It's great to hear of your success! I hope you'll hang around. You're an expert now, :), and can help other mothers.
  8. Re: A list of things to do to increase supply

    How did the visit with your LC go? Was she able to help with your baby's latch? Did she give you suggestions about pumping? How are things going now?

    I'm hoping things look better now (after...
  9. Re: first time breastfeeder @ 12 mo?

    Sorry, I can't tell you you're nuts. :D I think you're a loving, creative mother. :clap

    The most recent issue of LLLI's bimonthly magazine, "New Beginnings", has a good article about adoptive...
  10. Re: storing milk from let down reflex

    Are you using the same bottle to catch the let-down for more than one feeding? If so, that seems okay to me.

    Are you also using that same bottle to feed your baby your milk and then using it to...
  11. Re: 7 months now, introduced solids...

    Here's a link to La Leche League's info about offering solid foods FAQ.

    One of the recommendations there is to offer solid foods when your baby is not ravenously hungry. The idea is for your baby...
  12. Re: Low weight gain strange colour poo

    How much formula does your baby take each day?

    In 24 hours, a baby needs at least 2 to 2.5 oz of milk/formula per pound of body weight.

    For example, a 10 lb. baby would need at least 20 to 25...
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    Re: No letdown with pump

    You might also find some helpful ideas on the Pumping board.
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    Re: Sucking vs drinking

    Thanks for telling us what you're already doing. That helps me help you. :)

    There are some other herbal methods of increasing your supply on lowmilksupply.org. Maybe there is something there...
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    Re: Using Donated Milk

    Anger toward the doctor or the hospital or "the whole system" is good! :clap

    *Almost every* breastfeeding problem is related to lack of good breastfeeding information. And I don't see that as...
  16. Re: Big thank you to Xerex...

    Woo-hoo! Confidence is a great feeling, isn't it? I am thrilled for you. :)

    And Xerex, thank you for using your experience to help Elelou. That's what this forum is all about. :)

  17. Re: Last attemp to find help ... I'm about to quit!

    :hug:hug:hug You're in a lot of pain and that makes it hard to think of anything else!

    I read your other post and saw that your new baby is 15 days old, right? It's miserable to have so much go...
  18. Re: HELP!! Need honest advice with unique situation!!(autoimmune disease ment., long

    I've put a copy of your post in the Chronic Conditions-Mothers board because I think you might get more help there.
  19. Re: liquid fenugreek & fennel ??

    The lowmilksupply.org website has good info about herbal and prescription galactagogues.
  20. Re: Am I even going to be able to keep this up?

    You are doing a *great* job! Solo parenting, working two paying jobs, and caring for three children (not to mention taking care of yourself!). Wow.

    My first thought upon reading your post is to...
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    Re: Sucking vs drinking

    Congratulations on becoming a mother!

    What things have you tried in order to increase your supply? There's another current thread on this board that is a list of things other mothers had done to...
  22. Re: Super Algae for increasing milk supply?

    Wow! You are working really hard. :clap

    If you have not checked out the lowmilksupply.org website, I recommend that you do. It's based on a book that is just now coming out, "Making More Milk"....
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    Re: Using Donated Milk

    Here's a link to a press release from La Leche League International regarding informal milk donations. Here's an excerpt:

    Health care providers and researchers have expressed concern that the...
  24. Re: I want to nurse my 6-8 month-old adopted daughter

    How exciting for you! The most recent issue of New Beginnings (La Leche League International's bimonthly journal) has a lengthy article about adoptive nursing. It's not on the LLLI website yet, so...
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    Re: Desperate for help!

    I want to point out what a great thing you're doing for your baby by feeding him when he is hungry. I know that might sound silly. What mother wouldn't feed her baby when he's hungry, right? ...
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