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  1. Pain with nursing but not with pumping?

    I have been experiencing intense pain when my DD latches on to one of my breast more then the other and bursts of the same pain throughout a nursing session and I have also been keep awake by the...
  2. Re: When to start attending LLL meetings?

    We too started at about eight months but I wish we had started a few months earlier.
  3. Re: Bottles or other feeders for use with EBM

    WOW thank you everyone for the info on what worked and didnt for you. I will take all of your experiences into account when it is time for us to try with out baby. Thank you again.
  4. Bottles or other feeders for use with EBM

    Once my baby has reached about two months of age there will be times when I will be unable to be with them and an other caregiver will have to feed them expressed breast milk. I was wondering what...
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