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  1. Re: Help! Trying to wean from breastmilk to whole milk.

    When I began transitioning my son, I started adding a little whole milk to his bottls each day (my mother watched him while I was at work) and I bf at night. I slowly added a little more whole milk...
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    Re: just curious

    I weaned my son at one primarily because he would not sleep through the night and I needed sleep, and pumping at work was becoming too much (I am a teacher with limited time). Sometimes I think I...
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    Re: pumping more than she eats

    I would definately freeze any extra. I have about 40 7 oz bottles in our deep freeze right now and I have a feeling I will be using them very soon. Currently my son (8mths, 20lbs, 30+in long) is...
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    Not enough wet diapers

    My son is 7 months and over the last couple of days has barely wet his diapers. Normally, he has 4-5 diaper changes and generally they are pretty wet. Yesterday, his diaper was changed when he woke...
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    Re: Other teachers out there???

    My little one was born in January and I was off for 12 weeks. My schedule last year had my prep backed up to my lunch so I only pumped once at school. I also pumped in the morning (sometimes while...
  6. Re: FYI - new rules for flying with breastmilk

    That's awesome!
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    Re: contemplating throwing in the towel!

    Try to hang in their. It sounds like you may have an over active let down if she is gagging. I had one too and I would be drenched after a feeding. This should correct itself in time. My son also...
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    Re: What initial supplies do you need?

    I agree with just about everything. The lanolin was very helpful, nursing bras, nursing pj's/tanks, breast pads (I had the washable as well, I felt more comfortable with them, although they do show...
  9. Re: Hospital Overstepping It's Bounds....(vent)

    Our hospital is totally about rooming in and bfing immediately. They had a lactation specialist in the room during delivery to help with latching immediately after birth- thankfully my son is one of...
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    Re: I need reassurance I'm not a bad mom

    My little one sleeps with a blanket because he sleeps better that way. Just be really careful sice your little one is still so little. SIDS risks are at the highest during the first 4 months.
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    Re: What do I do?

    I went through this when my little one was about 4 mths old and getting his first tooth. He quit eating almost alltogether for about a day or two. It started with him refusing to nurse, but taking...
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    Re: How to not waste frozen EBM?

    Can you add it to the next's days supply rather than taking out two new nags, take out just one?
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    Re: milk in freezer question

    I've noticed that sometimes my son will balk at frozen milk and other times he won't. I haven't noticed any particular patern to it. I think that as long as it was frozen within the time allotted and...
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    Re: Breast Pump on an Airplane

    I also had my son with me, but they didn't even look at it on our departure flight. Coming home, they checked every piece we had with us, but checked and carry on, but nothing was said specifically...
  15. Re: using a pacifier if you plan to breastfeed?

    We waited several weeks too. I was going back and forth and even asked my ped for her advise (I do not want a 5 yr with a paci in his mouth) and she said that if I took it away at a year, I shouldn't...
  16. Re: 2 month old and feedings - am I right?

    My son (now almost6 mths) ate about every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs for the first few months (he still eats every 2-3 hours during the day) on one side only for about 5 minutes. I was concerned because I had...
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    Re: So tired of pumping

    I'm a teacher so I am off for the summer and I am so thankful not to have to pump everyday. Since I have been off (about three weeks), I think I have only pumped maybe 5 times, and not once in over a...
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    Re: Are Bottles So Bad?

    First, do what is right for you and your baby. Don't let anyone make you feel you are bad for not doing it their way.

    Second, how old is your little one? Maybe you should try contacting a...
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    Re: How can I leave the house?

    I nursed for the first time in public at The Cheesecake Factory when my son was about 3 months old. We were in a booth and I had a cover. I was proud of myself and I had no problems. My son is now 5...
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    Re: Flying with Breastmilk

    We are flying out this Saturday and the website the pp noted is an excellent source. Now I need to find out if the car seat counts as one of our two checked luggage allowences.
  21. Temas: Bought new

    by sarah1177

    Bought new

    I forgot the valvesto my pump this morning and ran to the store to buy new ones. The package says to sterlize for 10 minutes before the first use, however, I obviously could not do that. I did wipe...
  22. Temas: Advice

    by sarah1177

    Re: Advice

    I don't know what to include, but my breastfed nephew was 26 lbs at 5 months. He now a very active little 2 year old with no weight issues. I wouldn't worry.
  23. Re: Only wants one breast for a few minutes

    My son has never taken both breasts at one time and he usually only nurses about 5 minutes on average. My son is a healthy 15 pounds at 3 months of age.

    I asked the doc about it and she said as...
  24. Re: do attachments need to be sterilized EVERY time?

    I sterilize mine once a week. I did every day until he was 6 weeks.
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    Re: using previously heated but not used BM

    I was told it had to be used within 4 hours if it had not been used, 2 hrs if used.
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