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  1. This article goes against every benefit ....I'm speechless!

    This article goes against everything good we have been educated regarding breastfeeding! I was simply searching Google for any evidence-based articles that supports breastfeeding reducing childhood...
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    Re: Freestyle Breast Pump

    Thanks for all of your responses!!! I am so thankful for this forum! It is nice to get advice from mom's with real experience! I decided to go ahead and get the freestyle and give it a try. I had a...
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    Freestyle Breast Pump

    Hi, everyone! I have a couple of questions regarding the medela freestyle breast pump. Is it true that it less efficient than the pump in style advance? Is the suction less than the pump in style?...
  4. Re: Best baby carrier for convenient BF?

    Just curious how you ladies nurse in the Ergo? I have one and a 10 week old baby, and cant figure it out? I'm thinking maybe I have it too tight? This would totally save me sanity if I could figure...
  5. Re: Baby 5 weeks old....where'd my milk go?

    Thanks for all the replies! I am not or have not been taking any medication, not even a prenatal vitamin. Baby has no milk transfer issues, she latches well and has a strong suck.

  6. Baby 5 weeks old....where'd my milk go?

    Hi, everyone! My LO is 5 weeks old, and prior to a couple of days ago, I had a pretty good milk supply. LO is or was gaining weight well and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers. She is my third...
  7. Re: Which size bottles to buy...4oz or 9oz?

    Thanks so much, everyone! I think I will keep my pretty new Avent 4oz bottles, then. Yes, my friends babies were all breastfed!!! My SIL's girly was getting 8oz bottles at 4 months old. I tried to...
  8. Which size bottles to buy...4oz or 9oz?

    Hey, everyone!!! I am just wondering which size bottles do you recommend I buy for when I return to school/work? Baby will be 3 months old. I recently purchased some 4 oz bottles, but am wondering if...
  9. Re: Losing supply, baby is 9.5 months ol

    Thanks again for all the great info. I am now going to start fortifying his solids with butter, organic coconut oil, olive oil, etc. He doesn't let me feed him too many foods though, because he loves...
  10. Re: Losing supply, baby is 9.5 months ol

    Thank you so much for all the encouragement and kind words!! It is just so hard listening to people asking me if my baby has lost weight, and make comments like, "I can't tell he has grown at all...
  11. Losing supply, baby is 9.5 months old :(

    Hi girls, just a quick question...does anyone know how to increase milk supply when baby is a VERY busy 9.5 month old? My pedi and lactation consultant said baby should still be nursing 8-10 times...
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    Decreased supply after mastitis?

    Hello, everyone, this is officially my first post:)

    I had mastitis in my left breast (which was my over producer) about 3 weeks ago. Ever since then my supply in that breast has been much lower....
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