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    Re: Breastfeeding and a stomach bug

    So apparently I was wrong. Bummer. I spent the night in the ER with my little one. THANKFULLY, her temp only rose to 100.3 so we avoided getting the spinal tap. It seems to have went through her...
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    Breastfeeding and a stomach bug

    So my darling daughter woke up this morning and has been throwing up all day. She can't keep anything down. She's two and I am just heart broken. She doesn't have a fever and no diarrehea. At least...
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    Breastfeeding and vaccines

    Hi I have a few questions. I'll start with my baby girl. She'll be 10 months at the end of the week and I have scheduled her to get the seasonal flu shot tomorrow. If I get the shot myself will she...
  4. Birth control methods while breastfeeding

    So I'm trying to decide which method is best for me and I don't know what to do. I've only ever taken the pill and I haven't been on that for almost 3 years. After my son (now two) was born we just...
  5. Vitamin C while sick and breastfeeding

    I am catching a cold and normally when I start getting sick I take 500 mg of Vitamin C twice a day and it helps me from getting full blown sick. I've been doing this for the past couple of days and...
  6. Breastfeeding/acne creams and face creams

    Hi, I'm sure I need to talk to a doctor but it's a joke to get a call back from my ped's office if it isn't a medical emergency. I have my baby's 2 month check up at the end of the month but I feel...
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