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  1. Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    I delivered at Naval Base Jax and they have the worst Lactation consultant.... She does not answer or return phone calls despite giving a cell number. I was feeling pretty desperate so I text...
  2. Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day


    I have decided with my Husband I will not be returning to work. Although I have a 3 year old which makes it pretty impossible for me to just go into the bedroom.

    I appreciate your...
  3. Re: Baby refuses to nurse during day

    Kayla 9214,

    This has been going on for about a few weeks now.
    I pump every 2-3 hours and get 2 ounces from each side. I start the pumping around 9 and stop at 9 since my girl will nurse at...
  4. Baby refuses to nurse during day

    My baby girl is now 2 1/2 months old.

    She refuses to nurse during the day. I attempt at every feed and she gets a good latch and from there just bobs on and off. After so much of that it turns to...
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