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    My success with regular protocol!

    Okay, so last month my adoption coordinator was 99% sure that we would be getting a little girl due on the 31st (of Aug)... so, I went off the bcp's, stayed on the domperidone, started fenugreek and...
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    Re: Now I just need a baby...

    Thanks guys. I am feeling better, although the thought of being "chosen" seems like such a farfetched idea... I know it will happen one day, but I can't really picture it happening, you know?
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    Now I just need a baby...

    Well, we thought we were getting a little girl who was born last week, and it fell through at the last minute. I was devestated, but I am feeling better now. I know our baby will come one day, it...
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    Newman-Goldfarb Protocol....

    After a little over 2 weeks of pumping, I am up to 4oz a day!!

    I was on the bcp and dom for 16weeks before I began pumping and taking dom & herbs.

    I'm so excited!

    (The little baby...
  5. Re: Im in total shock!!!!! I cant believe this!!!!

    How wonderful!!!!!! Good job to you both! :D
  6. Re: Can I expect to see this increase continue??

    Thank you for the tip on the lactaid... I haven't opened it yet. I have this fear that I'm going to open it, then this will fall through and I won't get matched for another 3 months-- and my supply...
  7. Re: Can I expect to see this increase continue??

    Thanks for the responses! I swear-- this board is GREAT! I am just going to keep doing what I'm doing, although I did buy some Mother's Milk Tea (that isn't half bad with honey). I may start that...
  8. Can I expect to see this increase continue??

    A little background...

    I was on the regular protocol (domperidone and bcp's) for 4 months, I have been pumping for 14days now. The first day, I got 8ml, then 7ml, 12, 20, 32.... I am now on day...
  9. Those On Newman-Goldfarb Regular Protocol...

    When you started pumping, what was it like? Can you tell me how much you were making at first, and how much increase there was day by day??

    Thanks! :D
  10. Re: Calling all Relactating Mama's - Update Thread

    Age of DC: waiting to adopt- will be a newborn

    Biological or Adopted: Adopted

    Number of babies breastfed in the past: Twins, now 3

    Reason for Relactation: Inducing to breastfeed adopted...
  11. Re: Adopting- Advice on when to start pumping

    WOW! I'm so proud of myself...

    Here's the run down on my production...

    Day 1 - total of 8ml
    Day 2 - 7ml
    Day 3 - 12ml
    Day 4 - 20ml
    Today - Already 15ml by noon!
  12. Re: Adopting- Advice on when to start pumping

    Thank you guys SO much!!

    I pumped yesterday and today, every 2-3 hours. I got a total of 8ml yesterday and 8ml again today! That's 1/2 an oz in 2 days!

    Yesterday and this morning, it was...
  13. Re: Adopting- Advice on when to start pumping

    Thanks! :)

    I actually decided to go for it... and today is my first day of pumping! (I decided waiting until I get a new baby to go off all those bcp's and have the period of the century with...
  14. Re: Adopting- Advice on when to start pumping

    Sorry- I'm not sure it was clear-- we will probably be finding out if this baby is ours the day of her birth.

    Thanks! :)
  15. Adopting- Advice on when to start pumping


    I am adopting a newborn, and I have been on the NEWMAN-GOLDFARB Regular protocol for almost 4 months now. I'm up a cup size, and feel pretty confident that this will work! I bf'd my...
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