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  1. Re: Questions about pumping while driving

    Thanks, actually, I can really see your point, especially about the airbag. I was hit by an airbag once and I thought my jaw was broken (it wasn't). The thought of it smooshing my bottle and horns...
  2. Re: Questions about pumping while driving

    Oh yes, one more question: Where does the should strap of the seatbelt go -- between the breasts?
  3. Questions about pumping while driving

    I tried pumping while driving for the first time yesterday. All I can say is, AWKWARD!!! Eventually, I want to do this every day when I start my new job in August and have a longer commute. I have...
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    Re: rumor or true??

    My son pulled off and started screaming when I nursed him during the evenings around the same age. Then it spread to all times of the day... now it's gone (he 4 1/2 months old). Just stick with it,...
  5. Re: Would you use a suppository?

    I used a glycerin suppository on my baby when she got constipated after rice cereal. It worked wonderfully.
  6. Re: Anybody know *WHY* AF causes supply to drop?

    More specifically, estrogen suppresses milk production. That's why, if you choose to be on the pill after you have a baby, and if you are also breastfeeding, your OB will prescribe the...
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    Re: Ameda Flexishield?

    I use Flexishields with my Ameda Purely Yours. They are more comfortable, and less likely to detach in the middle of pumping, making that noise that sounds like... ummm, passing gas.

    The down...
  8. Is my pump losing strength?

    I am on my second child with my Ameda Purely Yours. I pumped while working full-time with my first child until she was a year old (we breast-fed whenever we were together). With my second child,...
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    Re: Weight Gain Fears

    I agree with Gill. Your son sounds like he's doing great, don't change a thing! Your pediatrician is not concerned, so you shouldn't worry. You're lucky to have a pediatrician who is so supportive...
  10. Re: Back 2 Work and l lost my milk supply?

    OATMEAL! I swear my milk supply with #2 is so much better than with #1 due to oatmeal. I pumped for a year with #1 and sometimes was short a few ounces and had to use frozen milk. With #2, I...
  11. Re: how often to pump and other specific questions

    I have been pumping twice a day and getting about 14 oz total. I pump at 10 or 10:30 am, and then again at 2:30 or 3 pm. My last nursing session of the morning is anywhere from 6:45 to 8 am, and...
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    Re: Pump Models

    I use the Ameda Purely Yours and love it. I'm on my second kid with it. Medela bottles are compatible with it, so if you are worried about BPAs, you can always just buy the bottles you want.
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    Re: What do you do?

    Don't feel bad about letting your LO cry. Crying will not hurt him. You will not be able to be there for all the things in his life that will make him cry. The fact that you are concerned about it...
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    Re: Should I go part-time?

    Be wary about part-time really meaning full-time at part-time pay. I'm reading an interesting book called "Opting Out" by Pamela Stone, about women who quit their jobs due to family considerations. ...
  15. Re: For people who work in cubicles

    Hmmmm. You might want to point out to your employer that you can work while pumping if you can stay at your desk... but you won't get much work done in the bathroom, or in an empty office. Maybe...
  16. For people who work in cubicles

    I work in a cubicle. For privacy, I bought a standing screen (like the kind you might have in your house) which I pull across the opening whenever I pump.

    I also have a pumping band so I can be...
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    Re: pump 2 or 3 times a day?

    I'm so glad you asked this question (the 2 vs. 3 times a day question), because I had logged in to post the same question. I have been pumping twice a day for the last 2 days at work, and am also...
  18. Re: almost 4 weeks and severly frustrated

    Is it possible you are mistaking no obvious let-down for no milk? If the baby pulls away and milk is not spurting or even just dripping out, that does NOT mean that you have dried up. The baby gets...
  19. Re: Baby is crying while nursing

    My 7 week old son does the same thing. My daughter did it too around this age, and then it just went away. I chalked it up to the fussiness that happens around this age (after ruling out wet...
  20. Re: Nursing all the time but not eating much

    Baby phases-- yes... the only constant thing is change!

    You said there are days when she will get a 20 min nap and then be fussy by dinnertime. Do you mean just ONE 20 minute nap all day? No...
  21. Re: Nursing all the time but not eating much

    You sure are weighing her a lot -- is there a specific concern that weighing her frequently addresses? I wonder if she is not getting to the hindmilk if she is nursing frequently but not for very...
  22. Re: Odd response from HR on work-pump request

    Depending on what YOU want to do, and what works best for YOU, working while pumping may be very convenient. It was for me! I bought a pumping band, so I was able to pump hands-free. It was great....
  23. Re: Pumping Schedule -- Help!

    Are you pumping at night because you're not pumping enough during the work day? Are you nursing at night in addition to pumping? It doesn't always work out this way, but you should really only have...
  24. Re: Please HELP! Stuck between a Rock and a HARD PLACE!

    I agree with mammajoliska-- try him with a regular cup. My daughter thought it was absolutely the coolest thing around because we drink out of them and and so do all the older kids at daycare. Have...
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    I think we're done

    It seems to be pretty much over. My daughter is 17 months old. I was willing to nurse for as long as she wanted, but it became quite painful when I got pregnant (now 15 weeks). We took a trip for...
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