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  1. Re: Is there anything BAD about rice cereal?

    I just cooked brown rice or whole oats as normal and then ran them through the food grinder until he was old enough to eat them chunky (around 8 months).
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    Re: BLS and canned baby food?

    Actually, even in conjunction with BLS they can come in handy. Pureed fruit can be mixed into plain yogurt or oatmeal or spread on toast instead of jam. They have no sugar or additives unlike...
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    Re: rice cereal??

    You can also cook brown rice the normal way and run it through a food mill, then add some fruit (like banana) or veggies and water or bm to make it the consistency you would like. Oscar loves it like...
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    Re: First Birthday Cake

    Mmm...carrot cake. I'll bet that would be good made with applesauce.

    I'm sort of torn on this issue. Do we want to teach our kids that there is a time and place for sweets and how to eat them...
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    Re: Benefits of infant cereal

    We're doing BLS but we also do some cereal because Oscar loves it, and since I eat oatmeal, I figured that was something resembling "real" food (unlike purees) and I want him to get used to a variety...
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    Re: I'm Sold on BLS!

    It might be the texture. I first gave bananas mashed into some cereal (before we started BLS) and my ds liked them, so now when he gets a taste he knows what it is and that he wants it in his mouth....
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    Re: expecting mom with questions

    I had an emergency c-section, and the nurses were fantastic. They knew my wishes and he was in my arms nursing fifteen minutes after delivery. He had a little sign in his bassinet that said, "I'm a...
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    I'm Sold on BLS!

    We've been doing solids for a couple of weeks now, just a few meals with me mashing things with my fork and feeding them to him. A little banana, some avocado, some steamed pear (his favorite) and...
  9. Re: May I please have my breasts back. I'm tired

    Congratulations on making it two years. You should not feel bad at all about wanting to wean. If it's something you need to do, do it. You can feel good about giving your daughter such a great gift...
  10. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    I guess what I meant by current is the most current info on the AAP and WHO websites. These are the current links on those sites.
  11. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    Here is some more food for thought. No pun intended! :D

    What the American Academy of Pediatrics says about introducing solids.

    Pub Med study on introducing complementary foods. This is...
  12. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    This is such a great discussion! It makes me realize why I love this forum so much. So many smart mamas. :grouphug

    However, I'm going to play devil's advocate, because that's what I do. It drives...
  13. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    Thanks for your response! Actually, my post must have been confusing. I realize that they mean breastfeeding along with solids until two years old. What I mean is, people on this forum regularly cite...
  14. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    I just finished reading the report, and I find it interesting that they recommend waiting at least 4 months, 6 months if possible, but feeding solid foods sooner if your child "received frequent...
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    Re: keep or throw lentil skins?

    It's the fact that they are so tiny that makes them NOT a choking hazard. For something to be a real choking hazard it has to be both big enough and small enough to completely block the airway. This...
  16. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    I come from a very large and extended family of mixed ethnicity and differing socioeconomic backgrounds. I've noticed this to be the case among my family and friends: It's the educated middle class...
  17. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    I attended a workshop on vegetarianism and sustainability, learned some surprising facts:

    There are many areas of the world where it is not practical or sustainable to be vegetarian. For example,...
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    Feeding on a cruise?

    We will be taking my lo on a cruise in September, when he is 7 months, so he will only have been introduced to solids for a month. We are planning to do BLS. I am currently researching everything I...
  19. Re: Lots of regurgitating-- dairy intolerance?

    Does she cry when she spits up? If not, I was told this is normal for the first 3-4 months. I was also told that blood in the stool is the main symptom of a milk protein allergy.
  20. Re: Desperate for advice....9 days and still hardly any milk


    I was told to put my baby to the breast 12 times each day during the first four weeks to establish my supply. This worked great. I, too, had a c-section and it took my milk 5...
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    Re: Night time feeding questions

    I had terrible engorgement at night once my lo started sleeping 4-6 hours. This should get better in a couple of weeks as your breasts adjust.
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    Re: No Labor...

    It depends on the hospital. Where I had my c-section they don't do vbacs, you have to go to another hospital in a city 1 1/2 hours away. Also, going into labor first means that whoever is on call...
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    Re: Online Work?

    Do you know html? If not you could take an on-line class. I hear web design is pretty lucrative. Also, I know of people who buy and sell on ebay.
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    Re: Consoling the little one

    Have you tried swaddling? You have to do it tight, tight, tight! My lo loves it. It calms him immediately, like a drug. :lol
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    Re: 7 month sleeping pattern

    I am always wary of anyone who believes 100% in ANY method without flexibility, whether it's CIO or AP. As a teacher I've seen that all of my students learn differently and have different needs. ...
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