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  1. Re: Is my baby not strong enough to breastfeed??

    :clap First off, WAY TO GO!!!! for stickin' it out and still breastfeeding your preemie! :clap

    Kyla was born at 34w; I had pPROM at 33w. My mom was an amazing support for me through my journey...
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    Re: Home-made baby food?

    Thanks ladies!

    I am so pleased with all the support here!

    This is the first time I've encountered such a supportive online community!
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    Home-made baby food?

    It's so difficult to sort thru all the crud out there on the web.

    I don't plan to introduce solids for a bit, but DP and I are planning to make our own food for Ky.

    We can't afford to buy any...
  4. Way to go!

    First off, CONGRATS!!! Determination seems to be the biggest hurdle in making BFing succeed. :clap It's very difficult to stick with EBFing a preemie, what with all the pumping and difficulty...
  5. Re: When to introduce solids for a preemie?

    Thanks ladies!

    My intuition was telling me 4 months was way too early, considering what a hurdle it was to get her to breast (uggggggghhhh pumping!) and gaining weight in the first place!
  6. When to introduce solids for a preemie?

    Searched the forum for a bit and couldn't find a similar post, so I apologize in advance if this ? has already been addressed.

    Kyla was born at 34 weeks. She's exclusively breastfed.

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    Re: I need help!

    My daughter was born at 34 weeks. At her 3 month WIC visit last week, she weighed 10lb6oz.

    I had one heck of a time in the NICU. The Doctors at the inner-city hospital where Ky was born were a)...
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