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    Re: Reverse cycling...

    My DS has been a reverse cycler since I went back to work at 12 weeks. We co-sleep and I think that's the only way I survive. After he got better with solids around a year the nightwakings...
  2. Re: Daycare says breastfeeding over lunch will be an inconvenience

    I would ask the provider if you could at least try BFing over lunch on a trial basis. If it doesn't work you'll find another solution. I'm sure once you've done it for a week or two she'll forget...
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    Re: ? for cosleeping WOHM's

    We have a CD alarm clock. We play a CD before we go to sleep at night and that same CD is my alarm to get up. Sometimes DS wakes when I do, but most of the time I can sneek out without too much...
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    Re: Good companies for Working Mothers

    From my experience it can depend alot on your immediate supervisor as well as the company. Where I work is moderately family friendly. We do not have any company policies on BFing or taking leave...
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    Re: % of Working Moms who BF 1 year?

    I was able to do it too and have one other online friend that I know of that also was able to BF and work for a year. It's a challenge, but definitely worth it.:)
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    Re: How many mom's pump at work past one year?

    I pumped 3 times a day till DS was 9 months old, than twice a day till a year, than continued with once a day. My DS drank water when he didn't have EBM. I did stop that last pumping around 14...
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    Re: tandem nursing and working mothers

    Thank you for posting this. I just recently found out that I am pg. with #2 and am still nursing my 13 month old DS. He definitely is not ready to wean so I'm planning on following his lead and...
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    Re: When do I decrease how often I pump???

    I posted this answer to a similar question in the pumping forum. Hope it helps;)

    I am in a similar situation. This is what I did. I pumped 3 times a day for the first 8 months, the 3rd pumping...
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    Re: not pumping enough and going back to work

    The white membranes on the Pump in Style can get micro-cracks in them that can really affect the ability to get enough out when you pump. You might want to try replacing them and see if that helps. ...
  10. Re: I'm a milk machine and out of room in freezer!

    If you are only pumping in the middle of the night to relieve engorgement than you need to try to wean yourself off of that pumping session. As long as you continue to pump at that time you will...
  11. Re: I'm a milk machine and out of room in freezer!

    Here is a site with milk banks that accept donations.


    Is there any reason that you are pumping in the middle of the night, or is that the only time you have to pump? If...
  12. Re: Reverse Cycling - not sure if I should reduce pumping.

    I am in a similar situation. This is what I did. I pumped 3 times a day for the first 8 months, the 3rd pumping he never ate and the first two he was only eating about half so I decided, like it...
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    Re: Thank your boss!

    Thanks for this suggestion. I'm going to give my boss a nice thank you note for my son's first birthday, he has made this first year so pleasant for me, I really wouldn't have been able to be the...
  14. Re: Keep supply??? Returning to work and can't pump

    You could pump in the car on the way to and from work. If you get a hands free bostier. See this website http://www.easyexpressionproducts.com/, they're really handy and an adapter to plug into the...
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    Re: When to start pumping?!

    I started pumping once a day or every other day when my DS was around 6 weeks old, but I know many women start at around 4 weeks. It was nice to start pumping and freezing then so that I could have...
  16. Temas: pumping at work

    by Amye

    Re: pumping at work

    Those that were asking about moisture in the tubes. Yes that can be a problem because it will eventually get moldy. The best thing I have found to do is to leave the pump running for a minute or...
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    Re: Introducing sippy cup for ebm

    My DS was the same way, but he did like the breastbottle at least a little. Somewhere around 5 or 6 months we found the nuby sippy cups. He loves those, still prefers the real thing, but will at...
  18. Re: When did you stop leaking if you had oversupply?

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions, I guess I'm not quite as bad off as I think, I was able to give up breast pads during the day at around 6-7 months, it's mostly nights that are my problem. I...
  19. When did you stop leaking if you had oversupply?

    Hi, I'm a working mom to an almost 10 month old baby. I've oversupply issues from the beginning. Currently I pump twice a day so that he can have expressed milk during the day. We also cosleep and...
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