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  1. Re: 32mth-old preoccupied with touching breast after weaning

    Thanks so much for sharing, and also for the other thread FluffyN.
    It's good to know that this is all normal... I guess I kind of knew, but it bothered me.

    In answer to Momma1, I've been away...
  2. 32mth-old preoccupied with touching breast after weaning

    Hi I tried to find information on this on past threads but couldn't find anything that answers my question, so I figured I had to post here.

    My son weaned after he turned 2.5 years. It was a...
  3. Re: Baby wearing and comfort sucking q's

    I used a carrier that was a long piece of cloth with a ring. I forget what it's called now :P It worked well for me as it allows me to carry baby in many different positions, and continued to serve...
  4. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    This post is so funny! I love it. He says "Nana.... pleeeeeeease?" And when I say, no, he just rolls over and sleeps...
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    Re: what colour ?

    Here's a really useful article about the color of baby poops.

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    Re: Breast Pain...Please help

    I used to get clogged ducts quite often.

    Here's something from an article I found very useful(http://www.lalecheleague.org/NB/NBMarApr06p68.html) :

    When my daughter was four months old, I had...
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    Re: new Mum at a loss!

    Hi, just wanted to chime in and say you're doing a great job! It does take a while for baby and mummy's body to get in sync, and when they do then things change again! :lol

    Most moms say it gets...
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    Re: Cracked/Sore NIpples

    I had really sore nipples for 6 weeks even though baby's latch was ok. I think my nipples were just not used to being worked so hard!

    I used Lansinoh (medical grade lanolin) before and after each...
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    Re: C-Section Moms

    I had drug-free normal labour, then an emergency C-section. They gave me baby in the recovery the moment I came to. Baby started nursing right away. No problems.

    I kept him with me always unless...
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    Re: Just can't produce milk?

    Six weeks could be time for a growth spurt when baby wants to drink much more than usual.

    Remember that baby is the most efficient at removing milk from the breast, and the more baby empties the...
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    Re: Sleeping Through the Night

    My baby slept thru the night after he turned 1. Just before that, he was waking so often I wondered if I would ever make it! :lol But it just happened automatically. One of their milestones I hear.
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    Re: Mud-like BM?

    You're welcome! :ita
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    Re: I am so sick =(

    Oh... so sorry mama. :hug

    Magnesium in a drink usually helps to settle my tummy (I am allergic to anti-vomiting medication).

    Keep breastfeeding. It's definitely going to help. You might want...
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    Re: Mud-like BM?

    It's usual for a breastfed baby to go without pooing for many days. Watch out when it comes though!

    Here's some really useful infor on the different kinds of poo and what they mean:...
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    Re: 5 month old is constipated?

    Breastfed babies are rarely, if ever, constipated. Constipation is when it hurts them to poo, and when you can pick up the pellets of poo with your fingers. I second the other posters' suggestion...
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    Re: Every 3 OR 4 hours?

    Agree with the previous posts. Watch the baby, not the clock. Sometimes baby will want to eat more (growth spurts) and sometimes less. Just like adults. The body will adjust the supply according to...
  17. Re: When do I start more than one solid a day?

    Usually, for the first year of baby's life, his main nutrition comes from mother's milk. The solids are for experimentation and learning.

    The baby-led approach says that as long as baby is able to...
  18. Re: Healing cracked nipple and pumping

    Congrats on your new baby! And welcome to the forum.

    You are doing great mama! :clap It can seem really overwhelming especially at the beginning (remember you are still coping with all those...
  19. Re: Daytime Weaning? Please help...

    Fussy at the breast sounds like some kind of discomfort while nursing. Could she be starting to teeth? Sometimes it hurts when they suck if they are teething? I know my son started drooling and...
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    Re: How do I know if...

    In reply to andrea_ohio, no it doesn't really hurt except that I can feel his teeth grating a bit on my skin. But the feeling of let-down is like a tingling, slightly painful sensation. What does it...
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    How do I know if...

    I am still producing milk?

    My son is still BF in the morning, for naps and bedtime. But he seems to have only the nipple in his mouth and doesn't look to me like he is swallowing a whole lot,...
  22. Re: When did you LO stop nursing to sleep??

    I began to try introducing a bedtime routine that included nursing to just-before-he-fell-asleep, after 12 months. It didn't take on till recently. :lol But I have learnt that persistence and...
  23. Re: Do you wean after 1 year or by 1 year?

    :clap Congratulations for successfully breastfeeding for 11 months!!

    Well, you don't necessarily have to wean at a year, in case you are not aware. Here's an excellent article that talks about the...
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    Re: sore nipple

    If it's sore, it should be a clogged duct.

    Sometimes it goes away on its own because baby is able to 'unplug' the clog as you carry on breastfeeding as usual.

    But if it doesn't go away, I...
  25. Re: Dealing with constant constipation HELP!!!

    When we first introduced BLS, my son had issues with constipation too. It took a while to find a balance of foods and water which worked, and which foods helped to move things along for him. Like...
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