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    Re: Breast Pump Question

    The Medela pump in style is awesome. I have it and LOVE it. I wouldn't be without it. I would tell any new mom to get a pump and have it on hand even if you are going to be a stay-at-home mom and...
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    Re: night weaning

    I don't have any great advice, just wanted to say that your post sounds like my situation exactly... DS slept awesome from months 1.5-4 with only one predictable night feeding and then went right...
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    Re: Scheduling/Feeding/Sleeping???

    The only sleep books I read before LO was born were Babywise and The No Cry Sleep Solution. I wish I had never read Babywise because it just stressed me out and in my opinion is a really bad book....
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    Re: New Mom, Help!

    As everyone has said, what you are feeling is so common and normal and overwhelming. I have a LO who is now almost six months old.

    What really helped me in those early days was to totally give...
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    Re: New Mom...lots of questions!

    I would highly suggest looking at www.kellymom.com for the answers to some of your questions. It is an excellent website that is referred to many times on these forums, although it is not officially...
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    Re: car ride?!??! WAAAAAAAH!!

    I feel your pain mama. My LO, who is now 5.5 months, HATED his infant car seat with a passion. As a result of my not wanting him to CIO in the car, we were limited to car rides of 5 min for the first...
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    Re: I am sooo confused!!! Help;)

    Hi - my DS is almost 6 mos and I have all the same questions. Also, what are "bumps" and where are they?

    What are CLS and BLS?

    And where is this page about LLL's recommended first foods that...
  8. Re: How often do you BF your 3 or 4 month old?

    When DS was a few weeks old I wondered about that, since all the books say that for the first couple months they usually eat every 2-3 hrs. The books never seemed to say how to feed them when they...
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    Re: Good hand pump?

    I have a Medela Harmony hand pump. I LOVE IT. I also have the Medela PIS and love it. The Harmony is cheap, about $34 at Target, and I have had no problems with it. I read a lot of reviews on various...
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    Re: Help! new mom (2 week old)

    I would highly recommend calling a local LLL leader and/or going to a LLL meeting in your area. The LLL leader would, I'm sure, be more than happy to talk with you and offer reassurance. My LO is 5...
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    Re: Nipple Irritation - Good Latch?

    I'm not sure if I'm experiencing the exact same thing you are, but it sure sounds similar... DS is 5 months and exclusively BF, he has a pretty good latch and we've had no major issues BF, although...
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    Re: right breast bigger for over a week

    I have a similar issue with my left producing more than my right (I know this from pumping output). I started noticing it when DS was 3 wks old (DS is now 5 months). I was afraid the left would stop...
  13. Re: Baby started sleeping through the night..

    I can't comment about whether your supply will drop or not - but, my DS starting sleeping through the night also around that time (and did for 2 mos, but no longer does!). I, too, was worried about...
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    Re: Newbie sort of..

    I am a first-time SAHM and my DS is 5 months old. Before he was born I thought, "why would I need a pump, I am never going to be away from him?" Well, that was the least of my issues since he refuses...
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    Re: Pumping - what's the secret?

    I get very little out even an hour after a feeding as well. I've read that this is normal for exclusively breastfeeding moms. I would look at www.kellymom.com, I can't quote you the exact page on...
  16. help - 5 mo nose congested, what if can't nurse?

    My 5 mo LO is having his first cold. He is exclusively BF. His nose is getting more and more plugged by the hour and I am terrified about what will happen if he's unable to nurse because of not being...
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    at what age is cow's milk OK?

    I feel like this is a silly question - but until what age does a baby need to be given either breastmilk or formula? I'm just trying to understand this in case something happens where I am unable to...
  18. Re: Which postion did you find most helpful?

    My DS was 9 lb 14 oz at birth and I found every position difficult at first. My big post-partum tummy seemed to get in the way! DS always seemed way too big for the football hold and that never...
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    Re: Unequal breasts

    I also have a problem with one side making less, although I do not have the problem of it looking much different than the other side. I think my left side makes about 1/2 the amount my right does. DS...
  20. cries at the end of most feedings - help

    DS is almost 5 months old and exclusively breastfed from birth. For the last couple of months he has consistently ended most of his daytime feedings with fussing, crying, or screaming. He will suck...
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    Re: 15 wk old sleep patterns changing

    Mine did the same thing - slept really really well at night, just getting up once around 3 am and going right back to sleep till 6-7 am. He did this from about 7 wks until 15-16 wks. He's now 4.5...
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    Re: Suddenly fussier

    I don't have any solutions, but I can commiserate with you. My LO started getting fussier around that time, which was also the same time he abruptly transitioned (on his own) from nursing every 1.5...
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    very fussy at breast

    My son is 4 months old, exclusively breast-fed from birth and has excellent weight gain. He nursed every 1.5 hrs during the day until about 12 weeks old, then abruptly (within 2-3 days) transitioned...
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