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    Re: Going back to work

    I used an Avent Isis with both of my children and it worked well, but a friend lent me her Medela Pump in Style Advanced after my DS was born, and it also worked very well. Just a note, I learned...
  2. Re: When did you stop leaking if you had oversupply?

    I can relate! I had an oversupply as well at first, then I cut out one pumping session and it helped to reduce the supply. Something else my ped mentioned to me that helped too was that throughout...
  3. Re: What was/is your favorite breastfeeding moment!?

    I'd have to say it was when my DD and DS would start giggling when they were just a few months old, like they told themselves a joke! I have to agree, too, that when they look up and smile, that is...
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    Re: Storage bag brand preferences?

    I used the Avent bags which came with my Avent Isis pump. I never had any trouble with them, although, it was kind of tricky sometimes clipping the top w/o spilling, then you need to put them in the...
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    Re: Avent Isis Manual Pump

    I completely agree! I used the Avent Isis pump for both of my kids, and I didn't realize that it worked better w/o the insert until my 2nd!
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