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    Re: URGENT! Medication question

    Don't know... wouldn't take anything until you hear back from the ped's office. Call them again, it shouldn't take that long to look that up.
  2. New here with a few questions...

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I tried to upload pictures for my profile, but it said the upload failed, even though the picture was within the range for posting it (it was small enough). Anyway, I have...
  3. Re: Does the mini pill affect milk supply?

    WOW! What a coincidence! Anna was born about a month after your Ana!
  4. Re: My girl only eats for 4 minutes!

    She has had the green in her diaper before, but not lately. I did notice a little frothyness yesterday, but only once. The rest have all been normal. Thanks for the article, I'll read it!
  5. My girl only eats for 4 minutes!

    So, I think I have a fast let down. But, she has started only eating for 4 minutes and then stops. When I pump, that is usually the end of the foremilk but the hind milk doesn't let down until around...
  6. Re: Does the mini pill affect milk supply?

    Errin is what my prescription is for. Thanks!:p
  7. Does the mini pill affect milk supply?

    The one I will start taking is called micronor???
  8. How long is baby considered a newborn?

    My daughter is 7 weeks old... is she still a newborn or do I need to move up to the infant threads? Thanks!
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