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  1. Re: 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

    Thanks for the feedback! He is pooping every 3-4 days. I'm not sure about what I am eating. How long after you eat does it affect the baby? I haven't been eating anything different. I will give it...
  2. 4 month old, fussy feeds, very slow weight gain.

    Hi all, looking for tip or support during this rough patch...
    This is my 3rd baby and my first 2 were also very small. My first, I needed to supplement at 3 months due to very poor weight gain. My...
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    Re: 1 day old

    Thank you for your responses. Every feed seems to be improving. I will continue to monitor his output and nurse frequently :)
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    1 day old

    My son was born approx 30 hours ago. He was 39 weeks at delivery. He has had 2 mecs at 3 hrs and 9 hrs old and nothing since. He did not have any interest in latching or sucking for at least 6 hours...
  5. Re: Another post about DD being frustrated!

    Thanks for the input! It's so hard to see her fussy at the breast especially with her being so small. If she was gainning a little more I know I would be a lot less worried about this. When she is...
  6. Re: Another post about DD being frustrated!

    I am on mat leave until May.
    These times are approximate of what a typical day looks like:
    She wake at 7:30
    8:00 - eat about 5 minutes
    9:15-10:30 - nap - try to nurse before hand but she usually...
  7. Re: My story (not enough milk) please help

    :hug I can understand how frustrating it is to feel like you not have enough for to feed your LO. We are also having a difficult time :( Have you tried slowly weaning her from the formula by...
  8. Another post about DD being frustrated!

    I feel like i'm always writting about the same topic but our situation is not improving!! My DD will be 5 months on the 21rst. As of last friday she weighs 11lb 6 oz she was 7 lb 1oz at birth. She...
  9. Re: Seriously thinking of supplementing 4.5 month old..

    Thanks for the responses. She is a very happy baby unless she is tired or hungry. She is meeting all her milestones. We live in a small community in Canada where there are no peds just family...
  10. Seriously thinking of supplementing 4.5 month old..

    DD is now 4.5 months old and has not gainned that much since birth.
    BW - 7lb 1oz
    1 w - 6lb 8oz
    2w - 7lb 1oz
    4w - 7lb 11oz
    6w - 8lb 6 oz
    10 w - 9lb 12oz
    3.5 month - 10lb 7oz
    4 month - 11.1 lb...
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    DD has thrush!

    I just found some white patches in DD's (4 months) mouth this AM, went to the ER (all MD offices closed today) and 4 hours later got a script for Nyastatin. I currently do not have any symptoms of...
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    Re: Congestion while feeding

    DD is 4 months and just finished a cold; this product helped so much!
  13. Re: Distractible baby and reverse cycling

    OP - i think we are going through the same thing! She is up at least every 2 hours to eat at night and is very frustrated at the breast during the day but acts hungry. She is also small <10th...
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    Re: 4 month old - poor latch?!

    Thanks for asking this, after reading up on OALD, i'm not convinced that this is what is going on with us either...:shrug
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    Re: 4 month old - poor latch?!

    Thanks for the link. nosupermom...of course you can ask here!!
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    Re: 4 month old - poor latch?!

    I never thought about OALD is that possible without having an oversupply? I will look into that!
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    Re: 4 month old - poor latch?!

    She started the poor latch after. I was not giving her the EBM in a bottle I was only pumping to maintain my supply while she was refusing the breast. I felt like she was getting frustrated that it...
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    4 month old - poor latch?!

    My DD just turned 4 months yesterday. She is a slow gainer 7lb 1oz at birth and last week she weighed 10lbs 7oz. Also last week we went through a few days of her acting hungry and becoming very...
  19. Re: 3 month old fussing between letdowns

    I am going through the same thing with my almost 4 month old! She is a slow gainer so it concerns me when she doesn't come off the breast satistifed.
    I'm trying to massage my breast and hand...
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    Re: Sooo Ill

    I would try really small amounts (like an ounce) of clear fluids very frequently (every 5-15 minutes) increasing the amount and frequency as you start to tolerate it. I know this is what is...
  21. Re: Mamas of healthy yet slow-to-gain LOs...

    I have a slow gainer!! She is 3.5 months and weighs 10lbs 5 oz. At birth she was 7lbs 1 oz. I am constantly worried that she is not getting enough. She is not a good sleeper but she is content...
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    To pump or not to pump...

    Before I explain the whole lengthy situation this is my question:
    We are going to a wedding next weekend and I am not sure if I should leave a bottle of EBM or go back to the room to feed DD (15...
  23. Re: Am I hurting baby (slow grower, no formula)?

    I love these forums!! I was just comming on to write about the same issue and DD just turned 3 months. She is satisfied after her feeds and is producing enough wet/dirty diapers and is hitting her...
  24. Getting enough but poor weight gain?

    I want to start by saying I had issues with my oldest with gaining weight even though she was showing signs of getting enough milk. (ie enough wet and dirty diapers, meeting milestones, content after...
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    Re: Large crack!!

    Just an update...don't know what to do? The pain is significantly better but the crack is getting wider, it is starting to look like an ulcer?? I am stating to wonder if it will ever heal and I am...
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