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  1. Re: supply dwindling; time to give up pumping?

    Thanks for the advice. I won't miss pumping, but I will miss breastfeeding so it's good to know we can stick with it a while longer. (Sleeping through the night would be nice, too, though :happytears)
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    Re: how to start

    I have no real advice, just optimism. I returned to work when DD was 12weeks. Started trying bottles at lest 4 weeks earlier and she would NOT have it. I too tried a variety of brands too including...
  3. supply dwindling; time to give up pumping?

    My baby will be 12 months in 2 weeks.


    • At 4 months, I returned to work and pumped.
    • She exclusively drank breastmilk (at breast or pumped) until 6 months.
    • I work 4 days...
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