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    Re: hairball sound while nursing

    Any gurgling, choking, grunting while nursing is likely a sign of overactive letdown. This can be really tough for a baby to manage, but fortuneately controlled. OALD often goes hand-in-hand with...
  2. Re: 8 weeks in...wow, it still hurts

    It's not uncommon to have some pain in the first few weeks of breastfeeding, but if the pain persists, gets worse, or is close to unbearable, it's usually a sign of a larger problem.

    Like pp, the...
  3. Re: too soon on the formula? Urgent help needed!!

    It's certainly possible that your supply took a nosedive over the weekend. In the future, if you need to seperate from the baby, you should be pumping about as much as the baby would nurse. As...
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    Re: Foremilk and hindmilk

    It sounds like you're already doing the most important thing . . . being observant of your baby. It's really up to you to decide if these symptoms are tolerable or if they require action. If mama...
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    Re: Foremilk and hindmilk

    What you've described doesn't sound outside of normal newborn behavior to me. Bowel movements can vary a great deal from day to day in the first few weeks and occassional fussiness is often the...
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    Re: Starting again after a break

    Yes, it is possible. Your baby is still very young yet and it's great that you're still seeing signs of milk production. That being said, it's often a lot of hard work to get a baby back on the...
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    Re: 2 week old - fussy feedings

    It's not uncommon for newborns to be sleepy. Most have a couple of weeks of sleepy behavior and then start to "wake up" (and many moms wish for the sleep back!). It sounds like you're doing a good...
  8. Re: Mother's milk tea & lanolin sensitivities?

    I haven't heard of those specific complaints before, so if it does happen it's not very common. Gas in young babies, however, is extremely common.

    Sometimes, as previous poster said, it just a...
  9. Re: Oversupply? OALD? Allergy? Help!

    How old is the baby?

    A day or two of odd poops is usually nothing to worry about, but if it persists, than it's a good idea to take a closer look. OALD can cause the poop you're describing, as...
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    Re: straining to poo?

    You're right that babies' digestive tracts are very sensitive and immature. Newborn poop and poop habits are often surprising. If it seems normal to you, chances are it probably is but you can...
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    Re: Uneven breasts

    Congrats on the new baby and so happy to hear that breastfeeding is going well! I lot of moms are lopsided . . . doesn't necessarily reflect a difference in supply. Your baby is so young yet that...
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    Re: Introducing Pumping

    Congrats on the new baby and so glad to hear that things have gotten off to a good start.

    Pumping/giving bottles can be tricky, especially in the early weeks for a few reasons. First, your milk...
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    Re: green poop!

    Block feeding is using the same breast for multiple feedings during a certain time period. Most mothers start at two or three hours and only offer one side during that time period. Mothers then...
  14. Re: rectracted jaw + inverted nipples

    Welcome to LLL and congratulations on the new baby. What a rocky start you've had! I'd like to second the recommendation to get hands-on help. A certified lactation consultant can help with his...
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    Re: Latch and feeding length

    A poor latch can cause inefficient nursing . . . do you notice a different in the length of time when she latches on "perfectly"? If so, then you've probably found the reason behind her longer...
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    Re: fussy baby

    Caffeine is a common irritant for breastfed babies. Also, if you're drinking more soda than water, you could be doubly dehydrating . . . not getting enough water and getting too much caffeine which...
  17. Re: giving baby with chylothorax skimmed breastmilk

    I've read about this in Leaven, the publication for LLL leaders. Here's a link to the article . .. not sure if you can access it without being a leader. If you can't, feel free to send me a...
  18. Re: aversion to mom's dairy intake - issue starting at 2 weeks?

    It's certainly possible. Your milk is still transitional milk . . . part colostrum and part milk. As your milk becomes more milk, it would make sense that the baby would have more contact with the...
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    Re: seedless watery poop...???

    You might already be on the way to the pediatrician, but in case you check in first, certainly mention it to the pediatrician, but I don't think it's a huge cause for concern just yet. Newborn poop...
  20. Re: 6wo trying to wean from nipple shield, causes to much pain

    I might have missed it in your post, but have you had any hands-on help since leaving the hospital? A certified lactation consultant or even a hospital run breastfeeding group could be really useful...
  21. Re: Questions about supply and occasional pumping

    I'm a bit confused about what you're pumping for . . . are you returning to work? Do you anticipate not being able to feed him at the breast at some point? If you are only looking to give the...
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    Re: Introduce a Bottle???

    If breastfeeding is going well and you've had no problems with latch or nipple confusion, then now seems like a good time to start trying with the bottle. Be forewarned, though, some breastfed...
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    Re: I Can Feel It. What To Do?

    I think every baby has a different magic trick to get the gas out. For my son, what finally worked (after weeks of failed experiments) was to bounce him instead of patting him. I would either hold...
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    Re: Choking during feeding

    I believe GP refers to General Practitioner in the above post.

    I do think that a call to the doctor is in order in the original post. You want to rule everything out. However, it also sounds...
  25. Re: Breastfeeding my 5wk old. Weaning from bottle please help!!

    Hugs, mama. It must be frustrating to want to breastfeed and meet with so much resistance from your little one. It is possible to get a baby back on the breast, but it requires a great deal of...
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