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  1. Re: Please Help-I need breast pump advice!

    I have been EPing for 6 months now for my surroguy. I have the Medela Freestyle...and I LOVE IT!! I am down to 5-6 pumps per day and still get around 30 ounces per day. (Go Me!!:D) It is...
  2. Re: After 3 1/2 months a lot of needle pain in breasts and chest discomfort?

    I was researching yeast infections in the breast ducts not too long ago...and this is what I thought about while reading your post.
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    Re: New to pumping

    I am an exclusive pumper...so this is just my two cents...

    I have been pumping for almost 6 months. I have the Medela Freestyle pump. What kind of Medela pump do you have?

    Do you massage your...
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    Re: Where we are...

  5. Re: Mastitis- bad advice and new issue

    So glad you got the plug out!!!:clap
  6. Re: Mastitis- bad advice and new issue

    Oh hugs to both of you that have mastitis right now!! UGH!!

    I started taking Soy Lecithen in gel cap form...supposedly, it's supposed to make the milk in the ducts not as sticky so that you don't...
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    Re: Trying To Get Away From Pumping

    I don't have any advice but wanted to give you some :hug:hug.

    Good luck...
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    Re: mastitis help

    I am a firm believer in Soy Lecithen. I have had 2 bouts of bad mastitis since the little surroguy was born...and it is NO fun!! I thought that I was getting it again a couple of weeks ago because...
  9. Re: Oatmeal - How much does it help

    I was eating oatmeal daily...and putting it in everything...smoothies, cookies, etc. UGH!! While I can't say for certain that it's the oatmeal, my output (pumping only) hasn't fallen below 30...
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    Re: How long do you pump for??

    I would be really careful about cutting out the nightly bf session this soon (you said your LO is 6 weeks?) Would you pump instead of BF?

    My surroguy will be 4 months on the 16th, and I just cut...
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    How long do you pump for??

    If you are exclusively pumping...

    How long do you pump for?

    I have been pumping for almost 4 months now...I pump 6 times per day for 30 minutes...and I get around 30-35 ounces per day.

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    Re: Blood In Milk

    I have had this happen twice...the first time...I was really freaked out!!:yikes

    The second time, it wasn't as much...but it was still there. (I am a surrogate and I am EP for my surroguy!!)
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    Re: What pump to buy?

    I have the Medela Freestyle and I absolutely LOVE it!!

    I tried the Symphony (rental) and I feel that the Freestyle is just as good...and portable wise...It is the BOMB!! In fact, we went on...
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    Re: mastitis?

    I have had mastitis twice and it sounds like you could easily be going down that road..

    I felt horrible both times...like you have been beaten and stuffed in a closet...(not that I ever have, mind...
  15. Re: Drop in milk supply - need to increase before going back to work!

    My midwife prescribed Reglan for me and I was on it for 13 days. I also ate oatmeal every day...not the quick oats. It was the old fashioned kind. You can also make a smoothie with oatmeal in...
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