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    Teeth, but not biting exactly

    Hi! I haven't posted much in a while but wanted to give myself a bit of a shout out b/c Simon is 13 months next week, and we are still at it!! I am very happy about that.

    But we have one tiny...
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    Re: BF and dental caries?

    Just wanted to update my own post with a link that a friend gave me - it's a great presentation by a dentist who found without a doubt that human milk is not cariogenic = does not cause decay :clap
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    BF and dental caries?

    I am a dental hygienist- I spent 13 years practicing and now I am a SAHM. I ebf my 9 month old son, including pretty much all night long. I really believe in the on-demand concept! I just like to lie...
  4. Re: Please help - flagyl and doxy while nursing

    I can't add much as far as the safety of the med while BF but wanted to add the warning that with metronidazol you absolutely cannot have even one sip of alcohol- it will make you very very ill! I...
  5. Re: My 'struggling to nurse' laundry list-- should I give up?

    I just want to say great job for all the effort you have put in so far! So no, I really don't think you should give up now after all you have invested. Nursing my first was a nightmare, and somehow I...
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    Re: Slow eater...

    You are doing a wonderful thing! especially with pressure from your family :clap so great job mama!

    When my DS1 was a baby and I never seemed to get up from nursing, hour after hour, I wanted to...
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    Re: vacation without baby

    can you bring the baby with you? I haven't been more than a couple of hours away from my little man since he was born, and yes a break would be nice but I'd be panicking if it was overnight. Maybe...
  8. Re: Co-sleeping vs. Crib Sleeping Poll.

    We have DS2 in our bed, and just installed a bed rail on my side of the bed. He did roll off one night :cry he was fine but scared the daylights out of me! The very next day we installed it, and it...
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    Re: Sleep and Feeding issues...

    ITA with the PPs- it is probably a growth spurt, which should ease up in a week or so :)
    It really really helped me to cosleep and master the side lying position with my LO. I never got it with my...
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