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  1. Re: Giving a 5 3/4 month old solids yay or nay?

    We started letting our baby have access to solids around that age too (5 3/4 months) because she grabbed stuff off our plates, so we let her 'eat' what she took an interest in. We did baby-led...
  2. Re: Anyone else with a high frequency nursling at 4 years ol

    If I had milk from a second baby, which I don't, I bet my 4 yo daughter would nurse this often. She'd love to. But I don't have much milk and often feel 'annoyed' nursing, so I am really the one...
  3. Re: Please share your bed sharing experiences

    1) how long you bed shared - we started at 3 weeks and continue now (4 years old)

    2) things you liked about it - I love it, cuddles, easy breastfeeding, lie-in nursing in the morning, not too much...
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    Re: Weaning 3.5 year old

    Hi debbers,

    What your daughter said was very sweet!

    I think my comment was not clear - I was just kind of reflecting about my own situation, I did not mean to imply what anyone else should do...
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    Re: Weaning 3.5 year old

    Hi ladies, my daughter (now over 4) is also taking her time with weaning. I didn't find that talking about it really helps, as some other moms have pointed out to me on the forums. It just makes her...
  6. Talking about nursing with 4 year old

    My daughter is four and nursing once per day. I would like to reduce the nursing more, and I'm not sure how to talk about that with her.

    There are many times when I don't want to nurse (most of...
  7. Re: Not Sure if my 3 day old is peeing?

    You can just leave off the diaper and wrap her in a cotton blanket, old t-shirt, or old-fashioned flat cloth diaper. You'll notice if she pees.
  8. Re: Traveling/Vacation Tips with Toddler

    I think it's totally do-able with a child of any age. We never stopped travelling because of our daughter. We limit car rides to 7 hours/day (including stops). I've always found plane trips to be...
  9. Re: Talking to 3.5 year old about weaning

    Yeah, I ask myself the same question. Believe me, I have tried! It doesn't work. I think at night I fall asleep before her or with her most of the time. At nap time, when I try this, she will play in...
  10. Re: Talking to 3.5 year old about weaning

    Hi everyone, thanks for your thoughts. I had not thought about the option of not talking to her about it. She is quite reserved and I try to prepare her for new things like swimming lessons, going to...
  11. Talking to 3.5 year old about weaning

    Hi everyone,

    My daughter is 3.5 and nurses morning, nap and bedtime. Our big milestone recently has been getting her to fall asleep without a boob in her mouth (hurray!) but it only works at...
  12. Re: Night weaning conflicts - 3.5 yo

    Thank you, these are useful ideas. I did make a better effort last night to tell a boring story instead of just nursing when she woke up in the middle of the night. Actually, I looked at my watch and...
  13. Re: Night weaning conflicts - 3.5 yo

    Meg, thank you for these ideas. I read your response on Saturday and I tried some of the things you suggested over the last two nights. I put some water beside the bed, and I planned to try a story...
  14. Night weaning conflicts - 3.5 yo

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for some ideas to cope with a co-sleeping preschooler who wakes me up to nurse during the night and often freaks out if I say no more nursing now.

    My daughter is 3.5...
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    Re: Travel and Breastfeeding

    23 h of driving???? That is FAR! the longest I ever did with baby or toddler was 16 h, spread over 2 days with a hotel stay. We did that multiple times, and it was fine. We always stopped to nurse...
  16. Re: Weaning and psychological trauma in the toddler

    So, have you cut him off cold turkey? Gradual weaning over the next few months may be preferable for both of you (and is recommended by LLLI). You can just reduce the places you nurse, or the times...
  17. Re: # of nursing sessions when period returned

    7 overnight (ack! I counted once). 7-10 during day. baby was about 18 mo.
  18. Re: Single mama losing patience with breast obssessed (near)

    Hi there, my daughter is just over 3 and I was also getting really sick of all the nursing. I was so frustrated I found myself shouting at my husband "I'm not going to nurse her ever again! I can't...
  19. Re: Should I wean before my child remembers?

    I know at least two grown-ups who remember nursing, both now in their fifties. One is a man who nursed until age 9, and the other is a lady who nursed until 5. They both talk about wonderful memories...
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    Re: Trouble nursing 2yo to sleep

    We went thru the same thing and basically the things that worked for me were

    - take her off the breast when I couldn't stand it any more, and at that point sing songs or tell story in dark (then...
  21. Re: Feeling attacked by husband, dentist, and doctor

    my DD is 3 yo and still nurses at night (gasp! your Dr and dentist would be horrified). Last dentist appointment, dentist's only comment was "what great teeth! you can tell she doesn't suck her...
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    Re: Weaning 2 month old

    Hi, I can't comment on how to wean, but I will say that at that age I had oversupply and was with my baby 24/7, and nevertheless my baby wanted to nurse all.the.time. Wanting to nurse every hour is...
  23. Re: breastfeeding in a society that sexualized breasts

    I understand your feeling about not wanting your breasts touched; I feel the same way since I have been nursing (almost 3 yr), but it has gotten a lot better over time. I think in my case now it is...
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    Re: forceful let down

    you can unlatch the baby when letdown is coming, and let the milk squirt into a towel (or a bowl, cloth diaper, etc.). After a month or two baby will get better at handling the fast let down and...
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    Re: Air dry vs lanolin

    To keep a good latch I used to have to keep making sure baby was tummy to tummy with me, otherwise she seemed to swivel around and the latch would get worse.
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