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  1. First tooth - how bad will the biting be?! :)

    Hi everyone,

    My LO is 6 months and is getting her first tooth! It's just through the skin now. It's one of her front bottoms. Can anyone give me some info on biting? Like how bad it's going...
  2. Re: Infrequent bowel movements + green stools

    My LO is now 5 months and sounds very similar to yours. At 10-12 weeks she began pooping less frequently and we panicked at first but then learned that she's fine. She often goes as long as 2 weeks...
  3. Re: Preparing for first day trip away from 6 month old

    Thanks for the support. :) I'm going to see how we're doing with separation in a month or so and decide from there. I am going to also try getting out for an hour or so without the babe to see how...
  4. Re: Preparing for first day trip away from 6 month old

    Honestly, I'm mostly considering this trip to please others who say that I need to start leaving my baby once in a while or else she's never going to get used to it (ie., for when I go back to work,...
  5. Preparing for first day trip away from 6 month old

    I'm going to *try* to do a day trip in a couple of months and leave my LO with daddy. This will be the first time that I'll be away from her this long, and I'm already very nervous. She is a huge...
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    Nursing less - Teething maybe?

    My LO is 4.5 months old and I suspect she's teething - she's biting and chewing like crazy as well as drooling a lot and also has seemed fussy lately. I've also noticed that she doesn't seem to be...
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    lump near armpit

    I recently found a lump between my breast & armpit. I'm thinking it's probably a clogged milk duct but not sure. About 10 years ago I found the lump originally and had it checked out. My doctor...
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    Re: Slow flow or Fast flow nipples?

    Thanks! That was also a concern of mine.
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    Slow flow or Fast flow nipples?

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum, but here goes anyway. :)

    My 4.5 month old gets 1 bottle each day to keep her accustomed to taking a bottle. We use Playtex Nurser nipples with...
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    Re: Birth Control?

    Thanks for the responses!

    I give a bottle of formula per day because my baby won't drink breast milk after it's been frozen...we had a terrible experience when I left her & left thawed milk for...
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    Birth Control?

    Hello, my LO is almost 4 months old. I breast feed on demand and give 1 bottle of formula each day. My period has not yet returned. I have a perscription for birth control (Micronor) but I'm not...
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    Re: Creating bad habits

    I am doing all of the same with my 4 month old daughter too! Except the swaddling (I only stopped becuase it's too hot in my house) and cosleeping. I often fear that I'm creating bad habits too and...
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    Re: I love this!

    Love your post and feel completely the same! For the first month & a half I didn't find BF'ing overly enjoyable, but now I look forward to each feeding. Watching her watching me is amazing...and...
  14. Re: 3 Month old only calmed by nursing?

    Thank you for the encouragement!!! I have no interest in making her miserable...I love nursing her whether for comfort or for nourishment. But I do feel better knowing that she will eventually grow...
  15. Re: 3 Month old only calmed by nursing?

    I don't think it's strange, just concerned that in the event that I have to leave her at any point, she won't settle for anyone else. We've experienced this once and it was awful. Also I wondered...
  16. 3 Month old only calmed by nursing?

    Since I spend the most time with my 3 month old she has naturally developped a strong attachment to me. I am finding that it is almost impossible for anyone else to settle her when she gets upset,...
  17. Quality of my milk due to my poor diet?

    My LO is 12 weeks old and is a great nurser. My supply seems OK and she is gaining well and diaper output is sufficient. She does like to nurse frequently, sometimes every hour to 2 hours, and...
  18. Re: Baby won't drink milk that has been frozen?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I thought of lipase, but wasnt' sure if this was the problem since my milk didn't seem to taste soapy or metallic to me...it reminded me of vomit. Also, my milk...
  19. Baby won't drink milk that has been frozen?

    Last night we tried feeding our 11 week old baby girl breastmilk that I had previously frozen. It's only been frozen for 1 month max, and I was careful to handle it properly - it didn't sit out...
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    Re: Stopped Pooping

    alliecat123 - I took my baby to the emergency room yesterday at the advice of my doctor because she couldn't see her till next week. The gave her an enima and she pooped within 5 minutes. We were...
  21. Will I always have to sleep in a nursing bra?

    This may be a silly question...I'm a first time mom, my LO is almost 11 weeks old and has just started sleeping through the night this week (YAY!!!). Since she was born, I've had to sleep in a bra...
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    Stopped Pooping


    This is my first post, but I have spent a ton of time on this site since my little girl was born. She's now 10 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. We have had great success with BFing;...
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