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    Re: Is my caregiver right?

    I would share a lot of reliable info with your husband about how overfeeding will set your child up for obesity later down the line. The idea of giving an unnecessary 4oz of pumped milk after you...
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    Re: Is weaning the best option??

    I definitely wouldn't wean because of a wedding. IMHO, that is too many things to ask a little one to take on all at once - quick mother-led weaning (in less than a few weeks), plus 2 nights away...
  3. Re: No weight gain, pedi says my milk isn't good enough.

    I completely agree with this. I would try to find a pediatrician who is both supportive of and knowledgeable about breastfeeding, and experienced with babies who aren't gaining as they should. It...
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    Re: Allergenic foods?

    I asked my pediatrician about introducing nuts in particular. He said 15-18 months is the current recommendation, which I think is in line with what I remember my allergist saying as well. (There...
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    Re: Getting DH "on board"

    My husband has asked once or twice how much longer we're planning on nursing, saying, "Well, you've passed your goal of 12 months..." I said yes, but well... our son (14mo) doesn't seem to want to...
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    Re: When you're told a year is IT.

    I am so sorry your boss said that. I agree that, as long as you are doing your job and making up any pumping time - and AS LONG AS SMOKING CO-WORKERS DON'T GET THE TIME FOR FREE! - it is absolutely...
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    Re: Only four more days...

    I have only a short time until my little guy is officially a toddler too... although he's been convinced he's been a toddler for the last 3 months! :) Seriously, though, it's wonderful to watch him...
  8. Teething/painful nipple - HELP!

    My son is almost a year old (I can't believe it!). He, unfortunately, tends to scrape his teeth on me some of the time when he's nursing. It's not a case of "nice suck, suck, suck - BITE!" He only...
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    Re: Please help me remember...

    Any of the above for the avocado sound good to me. I don't think it's necessary to add breastmilk, personally, I think you can just mash or puree. I just mashed up a very ripe avocado and gave it...
  10. Re: Cutting way back on solids for 9 month old-- is this OK?

    I agree about getting iron levels checked to see if a supplement is needed. But given the issues you're describing, it makes sense to me to dial back the solids, and then very slowly, individually,...
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    Re: Spices?

    I've heard that they can taste and smell a lot more subtlety than we adults can. The first time I put cinnamon in the pears I was cooking up for my son, he crawled over to the stove, looking up...
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    Re: Spike in BF frequency?

    I'm definitely planning on continuing to nurse him for a while longer, no worries on that. :) We've dealt with alignment issues on his side (making positioning and opening his mouth wide hard, plus...
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    Spike in BF frequency?

    My son will be a year old next month (wow!). Over the last few days he has been nursing really, really frequently. It's been almost newborn frequency - about every 2 - 2 1/2 hours during the day,...
  14. Re: How much solids approaching 1 year?

    Thanks for all the tips! He's started getting a bit better with trying finger foods over the last few days, so I'm going to try to make more of an effort to offer them, and see how he does. I've...
  15. Re: Constipation issues in a 9 month old

    This sounds very similar to what we went through with our son. He pooped every single diaper for the first 2 1/2 - 3 weeks, then still went 2-3 times a day until 5 months, then every 1-3 days, and...
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    Re: Weight Loss and Baby

    Lose the weight slowly, it's safer, whether breastfeeding or not. My son is 11 months old (already acting like a toddler :cool:). I started back at Weight Watchers at almost 4 months postpartum,...
  17. Re: Being discouraged from BLS for my preemie from PT/OT

    My son was only a week early, so I can't speak to the preemie issue. I wasn't comfortable trying BLS early on. I was also uncomfortable with rice cereal - seems like a waste nutritionally, and my...
  18. How much solids approaching 1 year?

    My son is 11 months. My original plan had been to breastfeed until 12 months, and then gradually wean. Now, I'm not planning on rushing it - we'll just see how things go over the next few months.
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    Re: wiggley baby

    My son is 11 months, and he is super-squirmy. For most of the last 5-6 months, he has preferred to nurse sitting facing me, straddling me. Past that, he has developed this preference over the last...
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    Re: Eek.....af

    Assuming it's a "real" period and not just breakthrough bleeding, you ovulated around 2 weeks before the start of this AF - ovulation triggers AF, not the other way around. I'd never heard that...
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    Re: Newbie needing major advice

    I also strongly second getting a really good LLL leader, and/or LC in to help you. Again, if your baby isn't latching well, she won't get the maximum possible amount of milk, your supply won't be as...
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    Re: purreed or not purreed

    If we went simply by his interest in our food, we would have been feeding our son solids very early - I'm glad I knew this was far from the main sign of being ready for solids! I gave my son...
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    Re: Nursing "two fisted"?

    If anything, at an LLL meeting, I would think it wouldn't have been such a big deal! :) It's really tough when I'm pretty much anywhere else in public, though, and he wants to switch sides like...
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    Nursing "two fisted"?

    Does anyone else's baby like to nurse sitting up and just go from side to side? He'll nurse for anywhere from a couple of seconds to a few minutes, then switch sides, then switch again... etc. It's...
  25. Re: one breast not producing as much as other

    If there is really that big an imbalance, try starting the baby mostly on that side at each feed for a while. Try not to switch him until he's seemed to have mostly drained that breast, but then...
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