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    Re: nursing through teething

    my little girl is going exactly through the same thing - she's only eating 5 minutes at a time!

    i have been giving her camilia for teething pain, it's a homeopathic remedy that works instantly; i...
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    Re: Not sure...

    it sounds exactly like what my LO went through a few weeks ago, she's 4.5 months now

    you know what works best for us when her gums bother her? our fingers, she loves chewing on them!

    good luck
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    Re: food affecting breastmilk

    dairy unfortunately:cry

    someone told me to try it now that my LO is four months, and i had some pasta sauce with cheese in it, i didn't want to eat a large amount and pay for it the next day
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    4 month sleep regression?

    hi ladies!
    let me preface my post by saying that these forums have helped me so much in the past four months, so thank you for all the information you have provided already!

    my baby is four...
  5. Re: when is one breast not enough anymore?

    true, it might be a growth spurt or could teething do this? she has been having trouble napping the last couple of days, she falls asleep for 10 minutes and then wakes up crying! :cry
  6. when is one breast not enough anymore?

    lately my LO (3.5 months) becomes fussy at the breast after about 10 minutes, when i try to express milk from that breast, there's nothing, so i switch her to the other breast and she seems to be...
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