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  1. Re: Not gaining weight and regressing! Help!

    Just have a minute, but I couldn't not respond! :hug
    A couple of suggestions you might want to consider:
    First, when supplementing your baby with either pumped breastmilk or formula, I would think...
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    Re: Can baby be allergic to BM?

    FYI--If baby is sensitive to dairy, then it's actually the cow protein in the dairy, which means that consuming beef can also be problematic, so you may need to cut that out as well if you eat meat. ...
  3. Re: thinking of exclusively pumping...kind of long, but need advice

    You've gotten great advice already, mama. I just wanted to add that when you're trying to establish a milk supply, hand expression in combination with pumping can be really helpful. Here is a page...
  4. Re: Help, she is constantly at the breast!

    Nursing a newborn is hard work! They really really love nursing. Constant nursing is not necessarily a sign that anything is wrong. Babies nurse for more than just food. Mama's breast is...
  5. Re: What do you want to see in the new Womanly Art of Breastfeeding?

    I agree with many of the previous posters.
    I'd like to see treatments for common issues, language that is more supportive of working mothers, and also language that is more inclusive of...
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    Re: Still not menstruating...

    My daughter is 18 months old but still nurses about a dozen times a day and once or twice at night, so I've seen no sign of my cycles returning. I'm hoping they come back by the fall for the same...
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    Re: How much whole milk??

    Any time you give your child cow's milk, that's a replacement for your milk. Your milk is much better for your baby. (unless, of course, your baby is a cow!) Introducing cow's milk is a method of...
  8. Re: So worried/nervous...really needing advice

    First, take a deep breath, mama. This is going to be okay.
    It's perfectly normal for a one-year-old baby to be mostly breastfed. My daughter barely ate any solids at that age. At 18 months,...
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    Re: Still Demand Feeding?

    My advice is to look at your baby instead of your baby's age. Some babies only need to nurse a couple of times a day at one year. When my daughter was one, she was nursing around 18 times a day...
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