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    Re: Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    My son selfweaned at night at about 14months, I was soo happy, but he's only just started sleeping thought at 18months so I hear you on being tried! He was poorly the other night (fine in the...
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    Re: FUNNY story

    Hehe my two older boys do this too with teddies!! I had to get photos to show them when they are older! :lol
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    Re: What do you call it?

    We call them Boobies here too. 'Do you want a boobie?' and he pokes my boobs saying, 'boob boob' :lol Little embaressing infront of certain ppl like my Gran and when he does it to other ppl but they...
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    Anyone got a plan for how long? :-)

    I always said a year but that came and went, I started to wean at 18months and changed my mind now I'm 'hoping' 2years old. But I'm preggers so not sure if that will change things. Just wondering how...
  5. Re: Increasing milk during pregnancy?

    rolled oats of course! Thank you. I was stuck on herbs didn't even think of diet. Tuts. Oh well. Since posting I feel my supply is back so you were right nursing was all I needed, I will still add...
  6. Re: 6mth old is nursing 5+times a night

    My son nursed during the night until he was about 14months, then just suddenly stopped asking so I stopped offering. But yes very normal to nurse during the night, so it's finding a way so your not...
  7. Increasing milk during pregnancy?

    Hey, my first time here and I come seeking advice. I'm breastfeeding my 19month old son and stoped a couple of weeks ago because I thought I wanted to wean him, turns out I didn't so 10days later I...
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