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    Re: Past 2 Years for WOTH Moms?

    I have WOTH with all of my children. My twins are now 25 months and still nursing. I stopped pumping at about 13 months, but was able to come home at lunch and nurse until they were about 17...
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    Re: embarassing nipple question

    It is unlikely. Flat and inverted nipples are caused by adhesions of the outer tissue to the tissue underneat. Nursing for several months as you have breaks these adhesions and typically the tissue...
  3. Re: Woe is me - trying to keep supply up with 6 mo twins

    Kate, you haven't said anything that makes me think you need to top off your babies. I am a mother of identical twin boys, go figure from my name here. :) Anyway, if they are sleeping so long, I...
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    Re: Domperidone side effects

    No, it's not at all like Reglan. I can't comment on why you show no increase in milk since I don't have all the information. However, I can tell you that Domperidone does not pass the blood-brain...
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